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Diesel Engines And Components - FSC 2815

Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Locomotive, And All Other Types Of Diesel And Semi-diesel Engines.
Last Modified: Sep 30, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Manifold, Exhaust 260341D
Pulley Crankshaft 163821
Linexfuel Injection 9B329
Adapter, Dual Tachom 3F9847
Engine, Diesel 610267-1
Ring Set, Piston AR50102
Cylinder Sleeve 14828NPC22
Weight Assembly 5111979
Flywheel, Engine 230713
Oil Pump And Strainer Assembly 287304AS
Ring Set, Piston 674712C91
Valve, Poppet, Engine 343433R2
Rotor, Engine Poppet Valve R0S227
Engine, Diesel 2W48989
Scavenger Pump Asse BM75000
Valve, Poppet, Engine P1164
Connecting Rod, Piston 4CA978
Ring Set, Piston 9246KX
Valve, Poppet, Engine 2815009302861
Valve, Poppet, Engine 2815009302862
Parts Kit, Piston Assembly, Engine MILE11276
Flywheel, Engine BM66422
Sleeve, Exhaust Manifold 74391425
Ring, Piston 7M2126
Parts Kit, Diesel Engine 5703489
Parts Kit, Diesel Engine 3013505
Parts Kit, Cylinder Head, Diesel E BM95767
Pump Assembly 6771209
Guide, Valve Stem G955
Push Rod, Engine Poppet Valve 4025173
Valve, Poppet, Engine 4025182
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve 4025188
Cover, Timing Gear, Internal Combu 2815009305966
Insert, Engine Valve Seat 0375406-00
Insert, Engine Valve Seat 40-1090202
Flange, Half, Thrust 74037152
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 74027772
Tappet, Engine Poppet Valve 4026699
Parts Kit, Bearing 4025082
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin 4025893
Spring, Spacer 4025191
Camshaft, Engine 4026364
Connecting Rod, Piston 4026353
Cylinder Sleeve And Piston Assem 3S4032
Cylinder, Lock K-3262987
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve BM9T161
Connecting Rod, Piston 288290-00
Collar, Thrust 118038
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve 3321409
Liner, Bracket 4336491
Engine, Diesel LT1-3
Cover, Oil Pump 5121926
Housing, Air Inlet 5136290
Support Assembly, En 5122523
Ring, Cushion 5122409
Engine Block Assembly, Diesel 5149389
Plate, Retaining 5121368
Plate Assembly 9M8918
Cover, Gear, 103-0277
Piston, Internal Combustion Engin 112-0103-10
Ring Set, Piston 113-0331-10
Connecting Rod, Piston 12516669
Dowel, Cylinder Lock A74068
Connecting Rod, Piston A77232
Ring, Removal A77461
Fixture, Fueling Noz A79677
Gage Assembly, Valve A79775
Indicator, Bearing S A85317
Connecting Rod, Piston G-2735
Valve Guide 174214
Lever And Bushing BM97234
Engine, Diesel 65D42002
Nozzle Injector 201-50461
Kit, Fuel Filter 08100-7510
Block, Engine Oil Co PC5124818
Ring, Piston 725149
Parts Kit, Diesel Engine BM50744
Engine, Diesel 7122-300012V71NLC
Engine, Diesel L1616DS1N
Cylinder Sleeve 0311001
Cylinder Sleeve H277A401
Oil Pan 4M2973
Ring Set, Piston AR11930
Valve, Exhaust, Camsh H-9908-K-1
Stuffing Box, Stud 755-450
Adapter 1028-4691
Housing, Flywheel 5141145
Manifold, Exhaust 5159012
Valve Assembly, Cap 5116903
Connecting Rod, Piston 8074183
Flywheel, Engine 6C3-644
Segment, Camshaft 8069232
Segment, Camshaft 8069234
Idler, Oil Pump 59640305
Cylinder Sleeve 4018NGAAC
Tappet, Engine Poppet Valve 4512982
Crankshaft, Engine CA10FB25X1
Rotor, Engine Poppet Valve IPD2S6992
Lifting Eye, Cover S9927
Support, Air Compres 10951011

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