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Diesel Engines And Components - FSC 2815

Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Locomotive, And All Other Types Of Diesel And Semi-diesel Engines.
Last Modified: Sep 28, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Disc 280-014-002
Disc, Valve 280-214-001
Liner, Compression C 282-172-001
Packing CL2671
Packing CL2728
Ring, Piston 001-319-007
Ring, Piston 93213-13C
Ring, Piston 121-1782E
Ring, Piston 121-1782D
Ring, Seal 8474
Rod, Piston 251-464-001
Rod, Piston 121-1651B1
Seat, Valve C1-121-49B
Springs, Valve 280-218-001
Strip, Valve 121-47F
Valve, Suction And D 280-215-501
Camshaft, Engine 4389931
Engine, Diesel TIP00727-24AUG70
Engine, Diesel 6057C
Engine, Diesel 6082
Engine, Diesel 99042-75R
Engine, Diesel D198ER1
Engine, Diesel D298ERX11
Cooler 1086-22
Arm Assembly PC05135268
Rocker Arm, Engine Poppet Valve K-5135267
Seat, Valve MILE11276
Adaptor 4A-1528
Compression, Relief 4Y-1183
Camshaft, Engine 5126932
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 5198202
Puller Assembly 16602323
Puller Assembly 16606813
Puller Assembly N3427TDAC
Ring, Clutch Seal 5196195
Rotor Assembly, Blow 3545A10DHBC
Lifter Assembly, Eng A2741TD4
Puller, Torsional Damper C2554TDBC
Crankshaft, Engine C25A5FBCC
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 5198160
Bushing IW25685
Collar IW25586
Driver, Governor LW25679
Plate, Stop 17K7G
Plate, Stop 17K6G
Retainer X1332T1
Seal X1220T64
Trunion IW25587
Tubing IW36018
Terminal, Sparkplug RC582
Cage, Valve C5VC4D
Balls, Guide GMV12-3
Bolts, Connecting Ro GMV5D
Bushing GMR8-1MM
Bushing GMR8EE
Cap, Valve VW3E
Cap, Valve Stem GMX14-0
Cup, Oil SF298-2
Cylinder 954-21
Gear GMV58L
Gear GMV50B
Gear GMV61-1B
Gear GMV58H
Gear GMV58G
Gear GMV58J
Joints, Ball SF96
Nut GMV15-3R
Nut CV3P
Nut 955-28
Nut GSA352
Packing CB709C
Pin, Crosshead GM25-16
Piston CB24EC
Plate, Valve 42
Plate, Valve CU5KXC5V5C
Plate C5V3C
Rings, Piston 956-18
Ring 956-23
Ring 956-25
Rings, Piston SF296-9F
Ring SF296-7H
Rings, Piston SF296-8
Ring 957-6
Ring 957-14
Roller GN251J
Screw, Jack CU3N
Shaft, Lubricator GMV58M
Shell GMV74F
Shell GMV17-6K
Spider CVL5A
Spider C2VW3F
Spring GMR15-1B
Spring HCA222
Spring CD9-4870
Spring G9-1466
Sprocket GRMS1JJ
Stop GMR15-4F
Strip, Valve GMD16D
Switch DR36-103L
Thermocouple BA11330-6

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