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Diesel Engines And Components - FSC 2815

Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Locomotive, And All Other Types Of Diesel And Semi-diesel Engines.
Last Modified: Feb 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Ring, Back-up 6J2418
Adapter, Hub 6J2421
Shaft 6J2422
Body 6J2436
Motor, Vane Basic 6J3120
Manifold 6M8957
Block, Cylinder Serv 6N1008
Retainer 6N492
Covor, Motor 7J1394
Cartridge, Motor 8J5582
Dowel, Camshaft 9S8584
Tube, Oil Level Gage 6A3246
Head 6A3255
Support, Engine 7S633
Crankcase 9S9740
Housing, Flywheel 9S9763
Pulley, Crankshaft IPD9S9791
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 7J5319
Flywheel, Engine 7N2275
Flywheel, Engine 7S6631
Clamp, Manifold 8M7581
Film, Disc 8S8263
Plate, Oil Pan 8S1961
Cover, Compressor 8S1978
Crankshaft 8S1981
Block, Compressor 8S4582
Cap 8S4676
Body, Oil Pump 8S488
Shaft, Oil Pump 8S494
Cover, Oil Pump 8S496
Housing, Turbine 8S9226
Cartridge, Turbine 8S9426
Manifold, Exhaust 4035354-2
Cylinder Head, Diesel Engine 74035180
Flywheel, Engine AR-61810
Oil Pan 285180
Cover, Gear Housing 40-3015003
Cover, Engine Poppet Valve Rocker 553462
Engine Block Assembly, Diesel 40-3001888
Nut-lock, Valve A 2D-2509
Ring, Back-up 5K5924
Insert, Engine Valve Seat 5148490
Engine, Diesel 4SE00882-1
Engine, Diesel 4SE00876-1
Ring Set, Piston 5198089
Pump, Diesel Engine BM97507
Cylinder Sleeve 5197565
Manifold, Intake 154769
Engine, Diesel 5043-7200
Engine, Diesel 4SE00873-1
Engine, Diesel D3400X232
Engine, Diesel LD70121
Plate, Oil Pump 5117599
Valve, Poppet, Engine 207241
Oil Pump Assembly, Engine 5102019
Drive Gear, Oil 5371810012
Plate, Support 5500160518
Pin, Piston 8370370420
Cylinder Sleeve 5500111210
Ring, Piston 5100607
Cylinder Sleeve 5148505
Insert, Cylinder 1DD379
End Plate, Blower 1DD730
Retainer, Blower Hub 5141605
Cover, Blower Housing 5148179
Plate, Spring 5141474
Plate, Mounting 2DD155
Ring, Piston 5144620
Pin, Piston 5101120
Parts Kit, Piston Assembly, Engine 1DD365
Manifold, Exhaust 5143916
Manifold, Exhaust 1DD910
Parts Kit, Diesel Engine 23519518
Skirt, Piston 5102720
Installation Kit, Bl 5199670
Ring Set, Piston 23504908
Oil Pan 5129146
Cone, Vibration Damper, Rear 5124552
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid 5147147
Coupling, Blower Drier 5141473
End Plate, Blower 5144784
Crown, Piston 5144872
Cover, Oil Cooler 1DD828
Adapter Assembly, Oi 1DD822
Rotor Blower Assembly, Diesel Eng 2990010584905
Ring, Piston 5140000
Guide Assembly 4N9143
Gauge Assembly 6N723
Bushing Assembly 4N5681
Support 4N8317
Turbocharger, Diesel 0000200900
Housing, Supercharger 12268994
Guard, Engine 12253588
Engine, Diesel 16E258
Cover, Valve, Engine 169783H1
Plug, Core-hole, Engine 20840R1
Cover, Breather Pipe Flange 601708C1
Cap, Filler Opening 173676
Engine, Diesel POWER TORQUE 270
Drive Fan Assembly 670839C95

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