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Steam Turbines And Components - FSC 2825

Mercury Vapor Turbines.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Guide, Spindle 34E27-1
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid H7703PC77
Slinger, Condensate H7703PC105
Weight, Governor 942064
Valve, Pilot 916380
Housing, Seal 310420-8
Casing, Exhaust, Turb 300606-8
Casing Assembly, Tur 300607-12
Holder Assembly, Sta 310384-11
Housing, Bearing 310386-11
Housing, Bearing 310386-7
Housing, Bearing 310418-18
Ring Assembly, Diffu 320400-7
Ring, Insert, Stator 320404-3
Ring, Insert, Stator 320404-5
Ring, Seal 320424-1
Ring, Seal 330800-1
Lever 330818-3
Plunger Assembly 330820-6
Connector, Spray 330838-3
Pickup, Electro Magn 340-0001
Guide, Shroud Ring 4-320417-4
Nozzle Diaphragm, Tu 815D225G2
Diaphragm, Steam Turbine Engine 815D226G2
Diaphragm, Steam Turbine Engine 815D227G2
Diaphragm, Steam Turbine Engine 693E943PC15
Diaphragm, Steam Turbine Engine 693E944PC16
Diaphragm, Steam Turbine Engine 693E945PC16
Lifter, Poppet Valve 101L460BBLN30
Guide, Stud MS183CL
Bar, Rotor Support MS13EA
Guide, Rotor Lifting MS13ED
Guide, Rotor Lifting MS13EE
Guide, Rotor Lifting MS13EB
Guide, Rotor Lifting H2212PC8
Case Support H2212PC11
Jackbar MS403E
Indicator, Ahead MS1813L
Indicator, Astern MS1813M
Collar MS555R
Guide, Stud MS183CM
Sleeve 2042-502-207
Fixture, Aligning 2042-502-243
Fixture, Seal 2042-502PC245
Bearing, Ram 2042-502PC244
Sleeve 2042-502PC246
Seal, Ram 2042-502PC247
Bushing, Ram 2042-502PC248
Seal, Ram 2042-502PC249
Spindle, Valve H2434PC36
Bushing, Valve Seat 3288510 PIECE 120
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid 595E799-6
Plate, Diaphragm NF7276PC306
Plate, Diaphragm NF7276PC306A
Coupling, Piston Rod B2915
Stem, Valve NF7225
Sleeve, Spring Adjus 71NA6801
Nozzle, Steam Turbine 62 0119
Seat, Valve, Governor B33312
Valve, Governor HC155K
Valve 432B566PC1
Collar, Thrust Shoe 27-5-17PC1
Seat, Valve Governor 717091
Nozzle Block 503189
Nozzle Block ND5286PC38A
Rotor, Turbine 509E217BC
Rotor, Turbine, Blade 509E217BBPC41
Valve, Control, Turbi S788-1
Ring, Valve Seat E, P 1JC6155-28
Retainer, Bearing 64-14990B
Packing Assembly, La 141-0671
Deflector, Dirt And Liquid A3370
Weight, Governor H2710PC60
Seal Assembly, Plain PP046JAT
Support, Cylinder Co 906J368H02
Puller, Rotor Bearin 908D966PC8
Stud, Guide 906J368PC26
Guide Assembly, Rese 906J368PC29
Adjusting Device, Ro 906J368PC32
Plug, Balancing 934B253H01
Wrench, Balance Plug 915D942PC5
Wrench, Balance Plug 915D942PC6
Balance Plug Tool 919C954H06
Orifice, Valve 2JB0936H03
Wrench, Thermocouple 1JA1649H01
Locking Tool 919C986H01
Orifice, Valve 2JB0936H07
Wrench, Thermocouple 1JA1649H02
Nozzle Diaphragm, Tu 670J872PC23
Nozzle Diaphragm, Tu 670J873A23
Nozzle Diaphragm, Tu 670J874A23
Nozzle Diaphragm, Tu 670J875A23
Nozzle Diaphragm, Tu 670J876A23
Nozzle Diaphragm, Tu 670J877A23
Nozzle Block, Turbine 670J881A01
Seal Assembly, Plain SG4364PC92
Nozzle Block, Turbine 336D488PC16
Nozzle Diaphragm, Tu 336D490PC11
Nozzle Diaphragm, Tu 336D491PC11
Nozzle Diaphragm, Tu 336D492PC11

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