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Rocket Engines And Components - FSC 2845

Rocket Prime Movers, Liquid Type, Including Liquid Jet Assisted Take Off (jato) Units, For Use In Aircraft, Rockets, And Guided Missiles; Liquid Propellants Encased In Consumable Containers, Intended For Insertion Into Missile Propulsion Systems As Integral Parts.
Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Adapter, Kit, Install 105604-507
Rocket Engine 8477-470650-11
Rocket Engine 8477-470670-11
Retainer, Seal-tripl 8477-472009-3
Release, Propellant Valve, Guided 10162093
Chamber, Thrust, Engine, Pitch And 8477-470650-15
Chamber, Thrust 8477-47670-15
Bracket Assembly, Propellant Stor 8477-471382-1
Fitting, Tube, Dummy Transducer 8477-473104-1
Ring, Split, Axial Engine RS000155-001-00
Ring, Gimbal, Axial Engine RS000186-001-00
Transducer, Pressure PA850-150-17575
Retainer, Seal-triple, Low Thrust 8477-472009-1
Propellant Storage 8477-471400-13
Propellant Storage 8477-471401-13
Rocket Engine RS000200-001-06
Mount, Thrust Axial RS000192-005-00
Insulator, Valve-axial Engine RS000202-003-00
Pad, Met-l-flex 5473-1
Valve Assembly, Bipropellant 010-50250-2
Fitting 550577
Control Assyx Engin 551751
Seal, Ring, Metal VD261-0006-0004
Rocket Engine LR58RM4
Counterweight, Azimuth, Yoke 3323846-2
Counterweight, Azimuth, Yoke 3323846-3
Rocket Engine R023080-121
Axial Engine Assembly R023068-521
Counterweight SM-C-969482