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Engine Fuel System Components, Nonaircraft - FSC 2910

Carburetors; Fuel Pumps; Engine Fuel Filters; Fuel Tanks; Components For All Engines Except Aircraft And Guided Missile Prime Moving.
Last Modified: Oct 01, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Anchor, Cap 552331
Screw, Idle Adjustin 312068
Pin, Float Hinge 312481
Cap, Filter 312629
Pump, Fuel, Metering And Distribut DBGVCC631-2DZ
Filter Element, Fluid P1108
Filter Element, Fluid PL718-5R-CN
Plug, Fuel Passage 301732
Plug, Core 303962
Arm, Choke 378003
Link, Choke 309656
Cam, Throttle 309872
Plug, Filler 312909
Pump, Fuel, Cam Actuated 0388833
Needle Assembly, Valve 384107
Carburetor, Float 443271C91
Pump, Fuel, Cam Actuated D0AZ-9350-C
Parts Kit, Carburetor D2AZ9A586A
Carburetor, Float 379477C91
Pump, Fuel, Cam Actuated F14300401
Parts Kit, Fuel Cont 658276-3
Shutter Choke 58984
Valve, Needle 58985
Valve, Needle 58986
Pump, Engine Priming, Hand Driven 7-4023574
Parts Kit, Fuel Injection Nozzle 5199527
Tank, Gasoline 397446
Parts Kit, Carburetor 15D85R3112
Control Sleeve, Fuel SV7671
Valve, Fuel Injector 79-VA7962
Parts Kit, Carburetor 270976
Carburetor, Float 3418780
Parts Kit, Carburetor 3685789
Spray Tip, Nozzle, Fuel Injector PC5229034
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 124536-29
Pump, Fuel, Cam Actuated 255599
Pump, Fuel, Cam Actuated 261622DS
Carburetor, Float 0-13154
Nozzle, Fuel Injection C7TZ-9E527-E
Pump, Fuel, Metering And Distribut 2704E-9A543-J
Parts Kit, Engine Fuel Pump 2701E-9K340-D
Nozzle, Fuel Injection 40004600
Pump, Fuel, Metering And Distribut 0020741702
Bowl, Sediment 0000910040
Nozzle, Fuel Injection 0000171312
Guard, Fuel Line 10886080
Injector, Fuel, Engin 5228810
Pump, Fuel, Cam Actuated 149-0708
Parts Kit, Carburetor 240953
Fuel Injector, Diesel Engine 40-3055251A
Pump, Fuel, Metering And Distribut 261622
Nozzle, Steam Turbin 4006G73PC16
Nozzle, Steam Turbin 4006G73PC17
Nozzle, Turbine Compressor 571194-1
Pump, Fuel, Metering And Distribut BM57358
Nozzle, Steam WP12857
Parts Kit, Carburetor 7039223
Nozzle, Fuel Injection AR40118
Carburetor, Float 6229
Parts Kit, Carburetor K2132
Carburetor, Float AT23000
Carburetor, Float 1-148
Pump, Fuel, Cam Actuated AR52158
Parts Kit, Fuel System 5703809
Nozzle, Fuel Injection 884618C1
Nozzle, Fuel Injection 673167C1
Link Assembly, Governor 2910000095236
Blade 18573
Carburetor, Float 0-12592
Parts Kit, Carburetor K2061
Parts Kit, Engine Fuel Pump 5593720
Base Assembly, Filte 5M0474
Tank, Fuel, Engine 10925758
Bracket, Eye, Rotating Shaft 409024
Spray Tip, Nozzle, Nonaircraft Fue BA9350S
Socket E7323
Spring 51573R1
Shaft And Valve Ass 115039R91
Filter Element, Fluid 1015
Carburetor, Float 0-13026
Bracket Assembly, Fu 271140R91
Carburetor, Float 8-4518
Tank, Fuel, Engine 400382
Filter Element, Fluid 4048796-9
Filter, Fluid 5577251
Chamber, Vacuum 1116088
Pump, Special C10823
Filter, Fuel B10776
Pump, Fuel, Cam Actuated 5621766
Screw, Orifice Adjusting, Fuel Com 10935180
Pump, Fuel, Metering And Distribut 201-11510
Pump, Fuel, Cam Actuated 351-12150
Valve Assembly, Shutoff And Drain 376112-5
Cap Sleeve And Valve 15209
Pump Assembly 1210387
Parts Kit, Carburetor C2TZ9590L
Parts Kit, Engine Fuel Pump C3AZ9349B
Holder Assembly, Nozzle AKB35S5608A
Parts Kit, Turbochar 3S4007
Carburetor, Float 2843609

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