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Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft And Missile Prime Movers - FSC 2915

Carburetors; Fuel Pumps; Engine Fuel Filters; Fuel Controls, Jet Engine; Fuel Primers; Water Injection Controls And Valves; Fuel Valves Fuel Flow Regulators; Components Of Smoke Abatement Systems.
Last Modified: Nov 25, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Link, Adapter Worm Driven 33A30011
Lever, Governor Slav 11A30010
Lever, Acceleration 11A30017
Arm, Temperature 11A30025
Lever Assy, Governor 11A30061A
Body Assy, Minimum R 6A30025A
Guide, Governor Cam 57A30011
Adjustment, Fuel Valve 58A30010
Screw, Minimum Ratio 5A30059
Screw, Idle Adjustment 5A30050
Connector, Tube, Inlet 397360
Cover, Fuel Dump Valve 397722
Piston, Pressurizing 308D232G2
Coupling Assy, Gover 404587
Retainer, Fuel Control 404497
Piston, Drain, Pressurizing 308D423P1
Baffle, Pressurizing 933A254P3
Valve Assembly, Fuel 107807B
Valve Assembly, Fuel Control 4400010400-3
Pin, Case Lock, Fuel 7579098
Filter Element, Fluid 7578789
Indicator Assembly, Fuel Strainer 7579145
Case Lockout Assembly, Fuel Strai 7579107
Guide, Poppet, Fuel Strainer 7579050
Valve Assembly, Fuel Shutoff 125229A
Valve, Rotary, Fuel Pump 02-13247
Impeller, Pump, Centrifugal 209894
Impeller, Pump, Centrifugal 209895
Valve, Float, Aircraft Fuel Tank NA5-6166-1C
Parts Kit, Pump, Overhaul TB100921-1
Cap, Metering Valve 738C148P1
Metering Set, Matched 7259
Cap Air 7257
Retainer, Seal 71801
Keeper, Fuel Pump 71127
Plate, Thrust 48345
Gearshaft, Fuel Pump 48314
Cover, Casing 37R601908P101
Valve, Fuel Pressurizing And Drai 37C301820G003
Seat, Piston, Pressurizing Valve 37B201779P101
Sleeve, Pressurizing Valve 37B201778P101
Bulb And Bellows, Control 37D401831P101
Nozzle Assembly, Fuel 380990
Wheel, Anti-rotation 691C527P2
Valve, Control And Test 265-948452
Insert, Valve 207904
Plate, Fuel Valve 207903
Parts Kit, Valve, Cure Date 9020
Piston, Pressurizing Valve 37C301812P101
Cap, Strainer 52-0509-1
Poppet 52-0501-1
Retainer, Fuel Filter 52-0500-1
Can 52-0499-1
Impeller, Pump, Centrifugal RA11248-1
Parts Kit, Pump, Cure Date 201128
Cover, Divider 388556
Parts Kit, Carburetor 350327A
Body Assembly, Fuel Nozzle 388565
Valve, Float, Aircraft Fuel Tank 633962-3
Standpipe Assembly, Fuel RB11125
Cover, Shroud, Fuel Pump RD11019
Housing, Actuator 4D1350
Gear And Shaft Assy 7A1668
Gear And Shaft Assy 7A1669
Shaft Gear And Comm 7A1671
Parts Kit, Valve, Cur 48032
Valve, Plate, Fuel Pu RA11133
Parts Kit, Pump, Cure Date 208871
Parts Kit, Pump, Overhaul TF12911-1
Parts Kit, Pump, Over TF54203-3
Fitting And Vane Assembly RD11314
Parts Kit, Pump, Cure Date TF54205
Stem, Valve, Fuel Pum RB11175
Valve Assy, Water Dr 79P680018-5
Valve Assy, Altitude 4400-7
Clutch And Shaft Assembly 718B664G9
Lever Assembly, Cutoff 1502139
Body Assembly, Pump RB11177
Support Assembly, Lower 47-630-023-1
Flange, Locking 700001
Cover, Plate, Actuator 4D1351
Valve, Main Metering 71612
Screw, Adjusting, Drive 738C146P1
Case Assembly, Fuel Control 181473
Bushing, Manual Cam 299C372P1
Screw, Relief Valve 299C255P2
Adjustor, Fuel Component, Engine 952B121P1
Adjustor, Fuel Component, Engine 738C124P1
Valve, Tee Check 8-02968-1
Roller, Multiplying 327B303P1
Lever, Drive 299C385P1
Roller, Transfer Lever 841B992P3
Roller, Transfer Lever 841B992P2
Regulator, Carburetor 366153
Adjustor, Fuel Component, Engine 738C147P1
Collar, Pivot Rod 738C140P1
Cap, Spring Tension 362235
Nozzle, Throttle Valve 520937-2
Spring, Fuel Control 542463
Plate, Thrust Drive 539055

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