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Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft And Missile Prime Movers - FSC 2915

Carburetors; Fuel Pumps; Engine Fuel Filters; Fuel Controls, Jet Engine; Fuel Primers; Water Injection Controls And Valves; Fuel Valves Fuel Flow Regulators; Components Of Smoke Abatement Systems.
Last Modified: Dec 01, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tube Assembly 433198
Tube Assembly 433200
Tube Assy, Fuel Inje 433207
Tube Assembly, Fuel 429327
Tube Assembly 433215
Tube 433267
Tube 433272
Tube Assembly 433265
Block, Fuel Return 6861376
Valve Xcheck, Swing 1111-599615
Stop, Minimum Flow M 50A30005-2
Pin, Fuel Valve 67A30045-2
Piston, Speed Sense 30A30055
Handle, Fuel Selecto 50-920097
Tube Assembly Fuel 433258
Lever, Feedback 543487
Printer Assembly 2625203
Housing Assembly 2625205
Cylinder, Speed Serv 544579
Plug, Adjusting 552905
Retainer, Spring 557544
Valve, Vent 695966-5
Float Assembly 22-0292-1
Body, Bleed Air 22-0256-1
Arm, Float 22-0285-1
Separator, Valve 22-0288-1
Parts Kit, Valve, Cur 22-0344-3
Parts Kit, Valve, Ove 22-0344-2
Valve And Sleeve Su 37B201631P101
Bushing, Detent Adju 338835
Bushing Assy, Adjust 339622
Valve, Float, Vent 35-9888-501
Screen Assembly, Per 80A74018
Housing Assy, Filter 52-01106-2
Pilot And Armature 183134
Valve, Fuel Control 187784
Adapter 16150LA
Parts Kit, Overhaul, SK8840
Housing, Limiter, Fue 3759
Flange, Limiter, Fuel 3760
Restrictor, Limiter, 3762
Guide, Restrictor, Li 3779
Parts Kit, Cure Date 301067
Parts Kit, Overhaul, 301068
Rotor And Shaft Ass TB125338
Cover, Pump, Fuel Tra TB125336
Plug And Restrictor 558762
Screw, Guide, Adjusta 561833
Valve, Normal Pressu 568203
Filter, Fluid 51-1948-003
Housing, Valve 02-15242
Cap, Valve 02-15245
Sleeve 71489
Tap 805725
Parts Kit, Pump, Over 60-065B901B
Parts Kit, Actuator 70207
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 635E223P4
Strainer Assy, Fuel 86528
Filter, Fluid 042787
Link, Maximum Speed 2641420
Poppet, Fuel Valve 102-1380
Follower, P1 Piston 87373
Retainer, Flexible R 86529
Lever, Cam, Fuel Sele 87370
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special 137908
Filter, Fluid 37C300166P101
Coupling, Shear Cont 86629
Cam Assy 2641820
Valve, Pressurizatio 11-463-151
Bellows Assy, Fuel C 2641389
Lever Assy, Cam Foil 2641402
Bracket, Loop Clamp 569590
Plunger, Fuel Filter 577348
Valve, Fuel Pressurizing And Drai 102-1381
Housing Assy, Pump 102-1274-02
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 4P94000-101A
Parts Kit, Valve, Ove 22668
Housing, Check Valve 4005T93P01
Pump Assy, Fuel RG9080G2
Lever Assy, Fuel Con 2640885
Impeller, Pump, Centrifugal RG11629
Gear Sector, Fuel Co 2637678
Integral Assy, Valve 4-865-1-1
Body Assy, Valve, Fue 4-865-2
Retainer, Fuel Contr 2632649
Piston And Insert 597676
Cylinder, Speed Serv 597679
Valve Assembly, Fuel 2519-4
Module Assy, Dynamic 7033M37G02
Parts Kit, Fuel System 22667
Adapter Assembly AE11010R
Stator Subassembly 208633
Ring, Pump Mounting 208659
Parts Kit, Valve, Ove 104934MV
Filter Element, Fluid C1308PL
Guide, Spring 36D00
Filter Bowl AC4806-45D2
Lever, Cam Follower 407707
Cover, Shipping, Main 77382
Body Assembly, Fuel R600-17B

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