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Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft And Missile Prime Movers - FSC 2915

Carburetors; Fuel Pumps; Engine Fuel Filters; Fuel Controls, Jet Engine; Fuel Primers; Water Injection Controls And Valves; Fuel Valves Fuel Flow Regulators; Components Of Smoke Abatement Systems.
Last Modified: Nov 28, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Parts Kit, Air Bleed Reset 1060-54
Bobweight, Carrier 1055-69
Sleeve Pc Valve 3549-084
Lever Assembly Cdp 4425-542
Shaft Ss Linkage Yi 4686-026
Governor Assembly, Fuel-power Tur 2524667-4
Washer Assembly, Key 342809
Sleeve, Drive Pin Retainer 3256-038
Adjustor, Fuel Component, Engine 3296-038
Valve And Yoke, Pilot 598867-5
Valve And Yoke, Pilot 598867-6
Head, Flyball 725662-2
Flyball And Head Governor 570386-1
Body Assembly Cdp Sensor 4033-623
Bracket Assembly Cdp Shaft Suppo 4359-060
Body, Valve 72332
Chassis, Amplifier 311D595G4
Adapter, Valve 60948H
Gear Housing Assembly 102655DH
Switch Plate Assembly 102663BJ
Disc, Valve 59295GA
Plunger Assembly Pi 3377-048
Strap Valve Retaini 3856-034
Bellows Assembly, Fu 2537688
Flange, Valve 63223BA
Cover, Bellows, Fuel 2537581
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Rota 106788A166
Bellows Assembly 2537687
Plug, Sealing 2662887
Plug, Filler B3014A
Plug With Strainer 4619311034
Gland 70072-1-4
Valve 402638
Lever 407708
Pointer 402213
Reset 406272
Lever 403472
Lever 404007
Lever 404793
Lever 404210
Rotor And Shaft Ass 214921-1
Slide Lever Housing 846-89
Magnet 27D1617
Filter, Fluid 16VP005-3
Actuator, Indicator 202845
Adjustor, Fuel Component, Engine M61291-2
Flow Divider Subassembly 4003T68G06
Block Hinge And Insert Assembly 1058-181
Flexural, Pivot 1058-213
Lever And Weight Assembly 1058-191
Parts Kit, Valve 81389
Spacer Assembly 8629845-10
Damper Assembly Vibration 2657568
Damper Assembly 2657569
Pump, Fuel, Jet Engine 104030-3
End Fitting Aircraft 1666113-1
Plug Assembly Fuel Flow 125564A
Pump, Submerged, Aircraft 380200-15
Shroud Assembly, Valve 2753386-101
Flange, Inlet Aircraft 203141
Retainer, Bleed Port Screen 202932-1
Housing, Motor Mount 202939-1
Shuttle, Fuel Flow 1666115
Rotor, Proportioner 203678-1
Parts Kit, Fuel Flow Proportloner 81503
Cover, Lower Rotor Support 202940-1
Shaft, Rotor Pinion 203682
Valve, Fuel Divider 16VP035-2
Plate And Valve Bearing 526793
Strainer Assembly 16-269-1
Separator, Fuel Transfer Pump 1646116-1
Screen, Filter Fuel Transfer Pump 1646129
Plate, Casting 1646138-3
Body And Stud Assembly 1058-234
Housing Assembly, Adjustable Orif 43132
Diffuser, Fuel Transfer Pump 1646112-1
Stator, Turbine Fuel Transfer Pum 1646114-1
Cover, Cartridge, Pump 1646124-1
Cross Bar Assembly, Fuel Transfer 1646126-1
Cam Assembly, Acft Fuel System 2663110
Manifold Assembly Afterburner 2173236
Filter Element, Fluid 2888083
Fuel, Indicator Assembly 42852
Valve, De-fuel 2740028
Housing, Adjusting Valve, Discharg 216067-1
Pump, Fuel Ejector 007-005-002
Assembly, Rotating Elements 1646144-1
Valve, Fuel Pressurizing And Drai AV17B1215D
Adjuster, Valve 216068
Plate, Retainer 580916
Cartridge Assembly, Fuel Transfer 16VP004-300
Stator, Aircraft Fuel Pump 215461
Fitting, Boost Pressure Return 580780
Parts Kit, Fuel Control 101567
Pump, Ejector, Fuel 2760149-102
Parts Kit, Fuel Nozzle 536L788G01
Cam Follower Ball Assembly 2633039
Parts Kit, Pressure 537L813G01
Parts Kit, Power Lever Control 537L811G01
Parts Kit, After Burner Pressuriz 537L812G01

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