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Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft And Missile Prime Movers - FSC 2915

Carburetors; Fuel Pumps; Engine Fuel Filters; Fuel Controls, Jet Engine; Fuel Primers; Water Injection Controls And Valves; Fuel Valves Fuel Flow Regulators; Components Of Smoke Abatement Systems.
Last Modified: Dec 04, 2020

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Sleeve, Pilot Valve, Freezing 3837000F122
Sleeve, Valve, Freezing 3837000F123
Sleeve Assembly 3837000F128
Heater Assembly, Fuel 500405
Bellows Assembly, Dampening 2658591
Wiring Harness, Fuel Tank 915242-1
Ring, Locking, Fuel Manifold 650857
Plate, Data 215-225
Plate, Data 215-221
Plate, Data 215-179
Valve, Float, Aircraft Fuel Tank 742800-105
Lever, Compressor Discharge, Press 4004T67P02
Pump Assy, Fuel 14639
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special ADA6031D211A
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special AD-A603-1D21A
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special 3167480-2
Cylinder Control Va 316306
Fuel Flow Proportioner 690010002
Nozzle, Fuel Injection 691399C1
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special 198975
Valve, Shutoff 397884-1-2
Valve, Breakaway, Fu 7-211642043-3
Bowl Assy, Lube Pum AC-B066BP-1Y1
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 747592
Piston And Sleeve Assembly 841-A-357
Connector, Outlet Tube 495555
Shield, Heat, Nozzle 704791
Lever, Feedback 37B20171O105
Shaft Assembly, Cam 2668182
Piston, Interlock 4054T89P02
Valve, Shutoff, Fuel 7-211642004
Valve, Shutoff 7-211642002-3
Spacer Assembly, Fuel Manifold 556719
Valve, Vent, Fuel 60564
Cover, Protective, Shipping P30303
Fuel Control, Afterburner, Turbine 2183658
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 441199-2
Housing Skirt, Pump, Fuel Transfer L4801625-003
Spacer, Skirt, Pump L4801626-003
Probe And Bellows 2671067
Disk, Bimetallic 2667769
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 23006270
Fuel Control, Afterburner, Turbine 6006T18G13
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 2-161-620-56
Orifice Assembly 511419-19
Pump, Fuel, Jet Engine 5004220G
Signal Conditioner PC620-0059
Flow Transmitter 1-2-2-81-203
Cover, Fluid Filter 105244
Disk, Input 726909
Filter Element, Fluid JHP37-11-22
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 2-161-620-57
Bellows Set, Sensor 766333-3
Housing, Power Lever 725146A
Piston Assembly 725486
Sensor, Fuel Flow 61072
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 9004M39P32
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 767820-3
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 767819-4
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 441199-3
Pump Assembly, Fuel 751891-8
Switch, Fuel Level C 739400-107
Valve, Manually Oper 234595
Control Assembly 7-117420027
Shield, Sensor 2713444
Link, Anti-rotation 740790-7
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 763700-11
Inlet Screen D9-78-1
Washer, Fuel Subsyst 7-311642423
System Control Unit DCU420
Flapper Assembly 139749
Sensor, Refueling 70307-23906-101
Flange, Inlet 5007865
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special 3169821-3
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special 3169047-2
Cover, Protective, Shipping 02-15235
Adjustor, Fuel Component, Engine 5037M91P01
Flange, Cannister A2-80-1
Liner, Augmentor Pump 9974M81P02
Body Assembly, Fuel Control, After 7086M25G01
Pump And Control Un 371688-39
Diaphragm, Actuator Valve, Special 858885-13
Igniter Tube Assembly 5050M65G03
Pressurizing And Ov 4076T64G01
Cover, Valve, Shutoff 4068T37P02
Stop, Valve, Selector 4068T41P01
Stop, Valve, Shutoff 4068T42P02
Stop, Valve, Metering 4068T63P01
Sleeve, Valve, Primer 5044T79P01
Cover, Valve, Meterin 4068T62P01
Cover, Valve, Selecto 4069T33P02
Sleeve, Valve, By-pas 5044T90P01
Plug, Filter 4041T77P02
Cover, Filter Inlet 4068T90P01
Stop, Valve, Pressuri 4068T56P02
Cover, Valve, Pressur 4068T54P03
Cover, Valve, Primer 4068T51P03
Sleeve, Valve, Shutof 5044T74P01
Piston, Valve, Select 4068T38P02
Sleeve, Valve, Meteri 5044T92P01

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