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Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft And Missile Prime Movers - FSC 2915

Carburetors; Fuel Pumps; Engine Fuel Filters; Fuel Controls, Jet Engine; Fuel Primers; Water Injection Controls And Valves; Fuel Valves Fuel Flow Regulators; Components Of Smoke Abatement Systems.
Last Modified: Dec 01, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Filter Assembly 2642946
Plug, Fuel Control 2642949
Plug, Fuel Control 2643852
Lever, Fuel Control 2642657
Adjustor, Fuel Component, Engine 2642896
Retainer, Spring, F 2642898
Adjustor, Fuel Component, Engine 2642901
Retainer, Spring, F 2642903
Lever And Plate, Fuel Control 589093
Parts Kit, Pump Dep RA22730
Valve Assy, Comp Reg C52846G1
Valve, Float, Aircraft Fuel Tank A02PS410-1
Housing And Stator RB21622
Valve Subassembly, Governor 578855
Poppet And Deflector Assy 120692
Retainer, Diaphragm 112172
Poppet Assembly, Secondary 112102
Cage Assembly 120082
Rotor And Shaft Ass 121-919
Retainer Seal 574405
Bracket, Idle Reset 581515
Lever, Idle Reset 581514
Stop, Speed Set Leve 583063
Lever And Insert, Id 583011
Plate, Idler 581527
Shaft, Limiting Leve 584866
Lever, Adjusting 584869
Lever And Bearing, Shutoff 572756
Shim, Throttling Va 40A31019-2
Shim, Shutoff Valve 40A30010-4
Shim, Check Valve S 40A30017-1
Lockscrew, Fuel Nozzle 5232283PR
Pump, Submerged, Aircraft RG12210
Valve, Fuel System AV16B1658D
Valve, Fuel Shutoff A02PS404-1
Shaft, Power Lever 589640
Bar, Push 573879
Plate, Fuel Control 2625037
Link, Fuel Control 2625041
Disk, Valve 366252
Shuttle, Valve 23A74028
Housing, Fuel Heater 579341
Indicator Assy, Fuel 579377
Housing, Fuel Filter 579368
Valve Assy, Finger 579366
Housing, Fuel Valve 580287
Support, Control 580285
Tube Assy, Fuel Heater 580284
Elbow Assy, Fuel Filter 579931
Manifold Assy, Fuel 579934
Manifold Assy, Fuel Control 572546
Valve Assy, Derichme 572555
Valve Assy, Fuel Pre 578242
Parts Kit, Fuel Pressure 591054
Plate, Fuel Valve 65301-03079-101
Cap, Fuel Filter Indicator 579376
Ball, Elbow, Fuel Line 4-863-54
Stop, Screw, Fuel Con 2641645
Disk Assembly, Bimetal 2643910
Parts Kit, Pump Fie 32-0373
Parts Kit, Pump Fiel 32-0307
Impeller, Fuel Control 205538-1
Pump, Submerged, Aircraft 164A168-1
Pump, Submerged, Aircraft 164A168-1
Amplifier, Temperature 6888495
Control And Box Assembly 512D672G9
Parts Kit, Pump, Cure TF31403-3
Parts Kit, Engine Fuel Pump TF55403
Rod, Retaining 65045
Fuel Control, Afterburner, Turbine 584900L1
Poppet, Valve 11-7030
Poppet, Valve 11-7031
Valve Assy, Fuel, Air 1342C
Fitting, Pump, Fuel Booster 60-33114
Cam, Acceleration 2627036
Float Assembly 67662
Bracket And Pin Assembly 67632
Lever Assy 65741
Link And Pin Assy 65822
Parts Kit, Actuator F62C1811
Parts Kit, Pump, Overhaul 207235-1
Parts Kit, Pump, Fiel 84165
Button, Fuel Control 49628
Plate, Retaining 49639
Nozzle, Fuel, Combustion 23980
Adapter, Fuel Valve 15462NB
Retainer, Filter, Val 105B4607P2
Plate, Orifice, Valve 133A2478P1
Plate, Orifice, Valve 133A2478P2
Housing, Starting Valve 311D497P2
Housing, Orifice 576C368P1
Valve, Float, Vent 16-1058-251-3
Valve, Fuel System 634249-5
Parts Kit, Valve, Dual Shutoff 6-657-504
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Rota 468966
Parts Kit, Actuator 104685DV
Parts Kit, Fuel Valve 104950GS
Parts Kit, Fuel Valve 105092GS
Guide, Valve 227766
Retainer And Bearing Assembly 599337

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