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Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft And Missile Prime Movers - FSC 2915

Carburetors; Fuel Pumps; Engine Fuel Filters; Fuel Controls, Jet Engine; Fuel Primers; Water Injection Controls And Valves; Fuel Valves Fuel Flow Regulators; Components Of Smoke Abatement Systems.
Last Modified: Dec 05, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Retainer Screen 24E80-2
Sleeve Assy, Valve 2542086
Parts Kit, Engine Fuel Pump 32-0556-01
Housing, Inlet 5007585
Piston And Housing, Valve 5005993
Cover Assy, Hyd Pump 42312-394
Adapter Assy, Pump I 42312E258
Baffle Assy, Gear, Pu 42312E262
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 441421-63
Spray Ring Assembly, Fuel 4067027
Module Kit, Servo Valve 351044
Housing And Stator Assembly 217081-1
Cover, Fuel Control GS14900-1
Plate, Nozzle 23001805
Diaphragm, Nozzle E23004208
Parts Kit, Actuator Overhaul 11-3360-1
Disk, Valve 4335-G
Casting 157912-3
Cover, Brush Holder A3-245-1
Filter Element, Fluid 7579819
Cap, Valve 74A650085-2001
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 6011T60G19
Pump, Fuel, Cam Actuated 52W2291-52
Valve, Shutoff 7-211642002-9
Piston And Ring Subassembly 5006370
Filter 063-5660
Nozzle, Fuel Injection 2800064-202
Valve Assembly, Pump Relief 5007543
Housing, Actuator Assembly 107878A101
Injector Assembly, Fuel 4045T30G05
Pump, Fuel, Jet Engine 713700
Parts Kit, Bypass Valve 26377-1
End Plate Assembly 134997
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 8062-410
Disk, Valve 6.0690.72.5.1033
Head, Valve 2 433 314 194
Housing, Main 5722080-101
Housing, Cannister 14040
Cover Assembly, Pump 14647
Housing Assembly, Mo 15343
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 5002T94G48
Pump, Fuel, Air 666100-362-C
Filter, Fluid 39208
Cooler, Lubricating 28E99-6
Governor, Power Turb 2524912-3
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 23037272
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 2524909-3
Nozzle, Fuel Injection 6840023M10
Sensor, Oil Filter Bypass 4060T64P01
Housing, Oil Filter Bypass 5047T74G03
Nozzle, Fuel Injection 23033626
Fuel Control Assemb 2524527-15
Power Level Control 735277
Stop, Ball 776751-1
Plug, Housing 11057
Pump, Fuel, Jet Engine 5007510D
Pump, Fuel, Jet Engine 024692-109-18
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 6029T23P04
Adapter Assembly Fu 4445150
Bail, Spring 10062669-101
Bail, Miniature 10062668-102
Governor, Power Turb 2524910-3
Filter, Assembly, Uni 2541865
Screen, Upper 5007644
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 7787
Valve Assembly, Blee 979562-2-1
Nozzle, Fuel Injection 6840023M9
Body, Valve 585187-1
Parts Kit, Valve, Float 27-155-504
Converter Assembly JB-2
Nozzle, Turbine 3920T92P25
Sensor, Fuel Flow VC82-2554
Disk, Valve 60690F
Refuel Adapter 2810033-101
Screen, Inlet, Pump RB11772-2
Screen, Inlet, Pump RB11880
Spool, Fuel Valve 736305-2
Lever, Fuel Valve 3000T71P09
Lever, Fuel Valve 3000T71P12
Lever, Fuel Valve 3000T71P13
Lever, Fuel Valve 3000T71P14
Lever, Fuel Valve 3000T40P07
Lever, Fuel Valve 3000T71P16
Valve, Metering 37B211064G006
Pump 24978-1000
Valve, Fuel-air Mixture Control, A 106107-300
Lever, Fuel Valve 3000T71P10
Lever, Fuel Valve 3000T71P11
Pump, Submerged, Aircraft TB117301-9
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 6001T78G08
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 5001T39G39
Carrier, Valve 585221-1
Sleeve, Bypass Valve 3029T25P02
Screen, Vapor Discharge TB120610
Casing Assembly 20245-4
Filter Head Assy AA9348-1653D1A
Piston Assy, Speeder Spring Power 361470
Duct, Heater Air Outlet 156846-1
Piston, Metering 42083
Plate, Manifold 4033-495

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