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Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft And Missile Prime Movers - FSC 2915

Carburetors; Fuel Pumps; Engine Fuel Filters; Fuel Controls, Jet Engine; Fuel Primers; Water Injection Controls And Valves; Fuel Valves Fuel Flow Regulators; Components Of Smoke Abatement Systems.
Last Modified: Dec 05, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Valve, Fuel Pressurizing And Drai 74-580191-111
Hose Assy, Manifold HM025-082-11
Pump, Submerged, Aircraft 8433-1
Pump, Fuel, Jet Engine 1A9671
Filter Element, Fluid 496-5
Filter Element, Fluid 470-5
Filter Element, Fluid 496
Kit, Filter Element, LH11031-02
Pump, Fuel, Jet Engine 5106T85P13
Filter, Fluid 32-2088
Adapter, Fuel Pump 9961M71G04
Adapter, Augmentor, Pump 9733M20G08
Valve, Pressure Fuel PR99-129-1
Valve, Pressure Fuel PR99-129-2
Housing, Fuel Pump 5008693
Nozzle, Fuel Injection SE501103
Probe, Density, Fuel 10700T01Y00
Probe, Density, Fuel 10700T02Y00
Exciter, Ignition LH30150-01
Injector Assembly, Fuel 23073453
Injector Assembly, Fuel 23076097
Injector Assembly, Fuel 23075258
Pump, Fuel, Metering And Distribut P02239
Pump, Fuel, Metering And Distribut 723800-5
Cover, Fluid Filter 513212-0680
Injector Assembly, Fuel 515311-0160
Regulator, Fuel Flow, Turbo-jet En 887130
Pump, Fuel C2025-B
Filter Element, Fluid F908
Condenser, Coil SP1481503
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine UXP43000
Cover, Fluid Filter 219819
Valve, Fuel System 5225-983
Valve, Fuel System 5224-085
Valve, Fuel System 5224-089
Valve, Fuel System 5256-421
Filter, Fluid P550126
Body, Carburetor 267-785
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 3272560-2
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Line 3272558-2
Heater, Fuel 789762
Valve, Fuel Pressurizing And Drai 793528
Housing, Resolve 3589079
Tube Assembly, Aircraft Engine 32-650-4951
Fuel Tray Assembly, UPA43009
Fuel Tray Assembly, UPA43055
Fuel Tray, Main, 9 UPA43060
Tube Assembly, Aircraft Engine UPA45009
Separator And Recovery Unit, Fuel UPA43055-1
Separator And Recovery Unit, Fuel UPA43060-1
Housing, Fuel Pump 219823-1
Cover, Fuel Pump 217404-1
Valve, Switching 71599-3
Float, Valve 39-10866
Cdp Assembly 5360-850
Pump, Fuel, Jet Engine 706800
Filter Element, Fluid UPA43021
Bowl, Sediment AAB722-5Y1D2A
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 23070603
Filter Element, Fluid 6870925
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 8062-694
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 8062-929
Control Unit, Pump 23033251
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 23070606
Tee, Scavenge Filter 5054T86G03
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 9398M83P21
Camshaft, Metering And Distributi 569575
Control Unit, Pump HM029-065-11
Parts Kit, Fuel Injection Nozzle 3612057-1
Impeller, Pump, Centrifugal 23055473
Nozzle, Fuel Injection 160-6598
Pump Assembly, Submerged, Aircraft 4140-00-153
Cover, Fuel Pump 94000-89
Cover, Fuel Pump 94000-80
Cover, Fuel Pump 94000-84
Cover, Fuel Pump 94000-87
Pump, Fuel, Metering And Distribut 75543
Plunger Assy, Valve 5I-6881
Pump, Fuel, Cam Actuated 3035-562
Pump, Fuel, Cam Actuated 3034-356
Cover, Fuel Pump 436-440
Pump, Scavenge 23066028
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 6068T97P16
Cap, Valve 3130479
Float, Valve 3130430
Housing, Fuel Pump 5HJ81120-103
Bellows, Flexable 5VJ85300-109
Injector Assembly, Fuel 4026222
Fuel Control, Main, Turbine Engine 897801-10
Valve, Fuel System 5VR90016-103
Pump, Fuel, Jet Engine GP200MK9
Filter Element, Fluid 5HJ81111-109
Governor, Pump, Pressure Regulatin FFG021BA
Probe, Density, Fuel 391001-646
Probe, Density, Fuel 391001-647
Probe, Density, Fuel 391001-648
Probe, Density, Fuel 391001-649
Probe, Density, Fuel 391001-650
Probe, Density, Fuel 391001-651
Probe, Density, Fuel 391013-205

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