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Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft And Missile Prime Movers - FSC 2915

Carburetors; Fuel Pumps; Engine Fuel Filters; Fuel Controls, Jet Engine; Fuel Primers; Water Injection Controls And Valves; Fuel Valves Fuel Flow Regulators; Components Of Smoke Abatement Systems.
Last Modified: Jun 20, 2018

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Throttle Valve Assembly P70388
Cover, Spray Nozzle P70403
Retainer, Diaphragm P70422
Cover, Pump, Carburetor P70424
Venturi Assembly, Carburetor P70442-1
Venturi Assy, Carbur P70442-5
Body Assembly, Pressure P70504
Cover Assembly, Mixture P70515
Lockplate, Fuel Control P70516
Lockplate, Fuel Control P70522
Valve Plate, Fuel Control P70588
Valve Plate, Fuel Control P70589
Cover Assembly, Valve P70592
Body Assembly, Fuel P70601
Body, Carburetor Adapter P70652
Body, Pump, Carburetor P70660
Valve Assembly, Carburetor P70666
Discharge Bar, Carburetor P70668
Adjusting Assembly, Idle, Carburet P70686
Throttle Valve, Carburetor P70716
Body, Pump, Adapter Assembly P70777
Brace, Carburetor, Throttle P70783
Link, Carburetor Throttle P70784
Jet, Metering P70819-70
Link, Carburetor P70821
Poppet-seat, Fuel P70826
Cover, Nozzle Adapter P70853
Seat, Nozzle P70860
Tube Assembly, Fuel P70894
Body Assembly, Adapter P70909
Bellows Assembly, Mixture P70931
Jet, Metering 399170-60
Jet, Metering P9201-64
Jet, Metering 399170-65
Jet, Metering 399170-70
Arm Assembly, Adjusting P9291
Jet, Metering 116514-72
Fitting, Flanged, Pressure Limiter 187108
Diaphragm, Valve, Carburetor 2630595
Arm, Control Throttle 360381
Cover Assembly, Valve 360383
Cap, Valve 360393
Link Assembly, Accelerating 360397
Bracket Clamp, Control 360538
Float, Carburetor 360576
Stop, Poppet 360681
Brace, Carburetor 360694
Valve, Enrichment 360698
Seat, Discharge Nozzle 360812
Plunger, Discharge Nozzle 360813
Shaft Assembly, Throttle 360854
Seat Assembly, Spray Nozzle 360881
Needle, Spray Nozzle 360883
Valve Assembly, Idle 360886
Arm, Control, Rotary 360910
Plate, Diaphragm 361052-06848
Brace, Carburetor 361287
Valve, Enrichment 361294
Plate, Diaphragm 361625
Adapter, Carburetor 362035
Screw, Adjustment, Poppet 363288
Body Assembly, Fuel 365458
Guide And Bushing, Idle 383488
Guide And Bushing, Idle 383488-1
Plunger, Spring Release 383667
Cover Assembly, Valve 383771
Cover, Diaphragm, Idle 383775
Plunger, Valve Idlin 383842
Rod Assembly, Idle Push 383847
Arm, Actuating, Idle 383948
Needle Assembly, Valve 390039
Arm And Stop, Carburator P21230
Jet, Metering 626655-55
Jet, Metering 392502-56
Jet, Metering 392502-58
Jet, Metering 226486N7
Jet, Metering 392502-62
Jet, Metering 392502-67
Jet, Metering 392502-68
Jet, Metering 626655-70
Valve Assembly, Idle 392547
Poppet, Carburetor 392637
Guide, Throttle Balance 392678
Link Assembly, Throttle 392679
Body Assembly, Regulator 392697
Cover-guide, Mixture Control 392708
Tube, Impact, Carburetor 392806
Venturi Assembly, Throttle 392856-3
Stem, Throttle Stop 392857
Housing, Mixture Control 392888
Cover, Regulator 392929
Retainer, Diaphragm 392938
Jet, Metering 392953
Seat, Carburetor 392985
Base Assembly, Primer 392986
Arm Assembly, Control 393108
Shaft Assembly, Throttle 393436
Shaft Assembly, Throttle 393443
Shaft Assembly, Throttle 393450
Plate, Throttle 393487

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