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Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft And Missile Prime Movers - FSC 2915

Carburetors; Fuel Pumps; Engine Fuel Filters; Fuel Controls, Jet Engine; Fuel Primers; Water Injection Controls And Valves; Fuel Valves Fuel Flow Regulators; Components Of Smoke Abatement Systems.
Last Modified: Nov 25, 2020

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Primer, Igniter, Fuel 10-59996-1
Shield, Fuel Filter 41961
Valve Assembly, Fuel 365612
Vane, Fuel Pump M600-5
Sleeve, Fuel Pump M600-4
Diaphragm, Fuel Pump R600-91B
Shield, Fuel Control 4632-026
Piston, Buffer, Fuel Control 3545-034
Spring And Adjusting Seat, Fuel C 3018-204
Float And Arm, Valve F62B1782
Nozzle, Float Valve F62B1405
Receiver, Valve, Float F62B1802
Cam, Fuel Control 3038-384
Lever, Cam Follower, Fuel Control 4472-070
Block, Transducer, Fuel Control 4163-068
Rack, Tranducer, Fuel Control 3027-060
Sleeve, Pilot Valve, Fuel Control 3555-070
Housing, Flow Regulator, Valve 4033-572
Retainer, Speed Adjusting 3257-038
Retainer, Speed Adjusting 3257-040
Sleeve, Fuel Valve Shoe 3512-042
Retainer, Bushing And Pilot Valve 3410-070
Sleeve, Maximum Speed Lever 3593-030
Cam, Idle Speed Reset 3034-022
Lever, Fuel Control 4421-062
Diaphragm, Sensor, Fuel 3059-326
Seat, Sensor, Fuel 3512-050
Cam, Valve, Fuel Control 3037-450
Plug Assembly, Fuel 192604
Jet, Metering A382
Jet, Metering A382-020
Jet, Metering A382-030
Plug, Fuel Control 7A7002
Slug-locking 7A7012
Valve Assembly, Check Swing 12-750-76
Gear, Drive, Fuel Pump 02-542
Gear, Drive, Fuel Control S2295-6
Cover, Rear, Fuel Pump 02-597
Cover, Front, Fuel Pump 02-598
Pin, Bearing Seal 466-12C
Diaphragm Assembly, Fuel S1566-10
Diaphragm, Fuel Valve 174137
Plate, Upper Pump, Power Package 15777
Bushing, Fuel Pump 17160
Pump Assembly, Fuel Booster And H 20653-2
Flapper Assembly 23357
Plate 8952
Standpipe Base, Fuel 12878
Disc, Fuel Diaphragm 12892
Detent, Idle Adjustment 12913
Disc, Jet Diaphragm 12942
Plate Assembly, Fuel Diaphragm 12980
Plate Assembly, Air Diaphragm 12984
Diaphragm Assembly, Carburetor 13004
Valve, Air Meter 13224
Sleeve, Seal, Retainer, Boost Ventu 13233
Piston, Idle Valve 13499
Strap Support 13526
Standpipe, Small 14757
Valve, Idle 14770
Diaphragm Assembly, Carburetor 14789
Base, Fuel Control 4633
Primer Assembly, Engine 9-1340-13
Diaphragm, Primer 11-2541-25SS11
Primer Asy 401-1A
Handle, Primer 7-833-1GR3
Sleev Xvane M400-4
Retainer R400-88C
Shaft, Drive, Fuel Pump R400-91
Shaft, Drive, Fuel Pu R400-91B
Disc Assembly, Seal, Fuel R400-99
Disk, Valve, Fuel R600-121B
Housing, Valve R600-82A
Housing, Relief Valve R600-83B
Cover, Relief Valve, Fuel R600-84C
Valve R600-89C
Body, Valve S740-14
Body 12-211
Impeller, Booster Pump 762-5A
Rotor Assembly, Fuel Pump 771-49
Coupling, Rotor, Fuel Pump 771-52
Diaphragm, Fuel Valve 101830
Retainer, Regulator 103542
Jet, Metering 106242
Screen Assembly, Water 106381
Diaphragm, Valve 106404
Diaphragm, Regulator 106413
Jet, Metering 107504
Cover, Regulator Housing 149956
Jet, Metering P22244-1300CC
Jet, Metering 393045-2000
Jet, Metering 393045-2100
Jet, Metering 393045-2800
Jet, Metering 393045-3000
Jet, Metering 393045-3400
Jet, Metering 393045-3500
Jet, Metering P22244-3800
Jet, Metering 393045-4600
Bushing, Special, Carburetor P70715
Carburetor, Pressure Injection PD12K18

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