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Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft And Missile Prime Movers - FSC 2915

Carburetors; Fuel Pumps; Engine Fuel Filters; Fuel Controls, Jet Engine; Fuel Primers; Water Injection Controls And Valves; Fuel Valves Fuel Flow Regulators; Components Of Smoke Abatement Systems.
Last Modified: Nov 26, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Spring-seal Fuel Pu R400-96
Pump, Fuel Vane 2P248EB8
Valve By Pass 762-53
Cover 106384
Valve 114937
Body 139989
Plate 147379
Retainer-water Inje 79292
Packing-water Injec 79294
Filter Element, Fluid AC2851E4D40
Rod Assembly, Piston 2170052-1
Rod, Connecting 48123
Parts Kit, Valve, Cur 7-70138
Parts 2it, Valve, Ove 114199-27
Adapter, Combustion 402594
Cup, Seal Retainer 5978
Bushing-fuel Strain 1248938
Spring Assy, Speeder 405294
Parts Kit, Valve, Cur 30-133-1903B
Parts Kit, Pump, Over RA22329
Lever Assembly 402289
Door-carb Air Scoop 5136631-2
Valve, Float, Aircraft Fuel Tank F62B0120
Sleeve, Cooling, Fuel Injection No 6681867-1
Housing, Fuel Nozzle 6701416
Housing, Fuel Nozzle 6701414
Housing, Fuel Nozzle 6701415
Nozzle, Fuel Injection 6701412
Pump, Submerged, Aircraft 53-58147-25
Clamp Block F305639
Strap, Special F305640
Jet Assy, Bleed Valv 6875147
Manifold Assy, Main 1-160-160-10
Manifold Assy, Main 1-160-160-09
Ring Damper, Bellows 2537568
Bleed Valve Assy 6877056
Stop Cock Assy 8992757
Adapter, Flange 1-869-6
Retainer, Spring 5-1268-131
Retainer Assembly 5-1268-134
Pump, Ejector, Fuel A51P9133-3
Cap Assembly, Valve 6-1268-6
Cover, Fuel Valve 4-469-5
Adapter 9144291
Manifold Assy-fuel 9451646
Housing, Elbow 2-469-45
Ball, Elbow 2-469-47
Cap, Vent 1-470-21
Valve, Float, Aircraft Fuel Tank A51P9108-3
Bracket Assy, Fuel V 2-469-71
Insert, Elbow, Fuel Valve 2-469-5
Body, Shuttle, Fuel Valve 1-470-23
Cap, Fuel Regulator 5-1268-118
Housing, Flow Line 2-469-49
Bracket Assembly, Cam 2-469-62
Retainer, Probe Mast 4-569-9
Flapper Assembly, Fuel Valve 6-469-4
Ball, Housing, Vent Line 2-469-40
Sleeve, Damper, Fuel 2648798
Gear Set, Actuator 712-69
Lever, Multiplying, F 732872-12
Guide, Feedback Leve 718943-1
Pinion And Gear, Act 712-83
Knob, Adjusting, Actu 712-84
Lug, Actuator 712-85
Stop, Actuator 712-86
Cover, Actuator 712-87
Adapter Fuel Pump 69-37791-1
Nozzle, Fuel Injection 2-300-216-03
Yoke, Cam Follower 729836-2
Housing And Piston 2644984
Trimmer, Temperature 4034T05P01
Cover, Speed Sensor 5009T46P01
Cable Assy, Amplifie 5017T70P01
Cable Assy, Amplifie 710269
Guide Block, Speed A 3012T14P01
Lever, Fuel Control 3012T16G01
Lever, Transfer, Fuel Control 3012T25P02
Lever, Fuel Valve 3012T44P01
Carriage, Actuating 3013T17P01
Seat, Solenoid 34D25-3
Valve, Fuel Shutoff 2640676M1
Valve Assembly, Mult 74962
Valve, Fuel F8485-2
Parts Kit, Pump, Depo 60-065B901D
Parts Kit, Valve, Depep 2702075
Shaft, Fuel Control 2000T44P02
Cover, Pilot Valve 3013T27P01
Lever, Indicating, Co 3013T39P02
Lever, Cam, Fuel Cont 3013T45G01
Housing, Spring, Fuel 23754
Valve, Fuel Pressurizing And Drai 3001T03G03
Guide, Spring, Fuel C 21717
Cable Assy, Fuel Con 23363-1
Pulley And Shaft, Fu 23455
Lever, Input, Fuel Co 2483497
Strainer, Fuel Contr 28092
Adapter, Fuel Pump 206-062-609-3
Valve, Float, Aircraft Fuel Tank S6130-63098-101
Heater Assy, Fuel 6865748

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