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Engine Fuel System Components, Aircraft And Missile Prime Movers - FSC 2915

Carburetors; Fuel Pumps; Engine Fuel Filters; Fuel Controls, Jet Engine; Fuel Primers; Water Injection Controls And Valves; Fuel Valves Fuel Flow Regulators; Components Of Smoke Abatement Systems.
Last Modified: Nov 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Housing And Piston 2644459
Lever, Fuel Control 2644487
Retainer, Tube, Fuel 2645196
Retainer, Tube, Fuel 2645243
Plate, Fuel Control 2645247
Housing, Igniter Sig 2645370
Valve Assy, Metering 2644503
Stem, Servo Valve 2644512
Valve And Housing 2644568
Housing, Main, Fuel C 2644577
Valve And Sleeve 2646281
Sleeve, Fuel Control 3556-036
End Assembly, Fuel C 3569-035
Piston And Sleeve, M 37B211002G005
Lever, Temperature S 4015T86P02
Cover, Control Box, F 3000T96P02
Servo Assy, Nozzle 3005T06G01
Strainer, Pump Inlet RB12243
Parts Kit, Pump RA22716
Support And Piston 2647728
Adapter, Igniter Hou 2647972
Piston And Sleeve 2648181
Parts Kit, Fuel Cont 350825
Bracket, Fuel Contro 2645476
Linkage, Adjustable 2645478
Shaft, Input Linkage 2645994
Valve Assy, Metering 2646231
Seat, Shaft, Fuel Con 2638252
Sleeve And Piston 2638253
Stem, Valve, Fuel 2642862
Spring Assy, Fuel Co 2642866
Valve And Sleeve 2642869
Screw, Adjusting, Fue 2643556
Plate, Housing Section, Fuel Contr 184461
Harness Assembly, Fuel Control 184834
Cover, Fuel Control 2642467
Adjustor, Fuel Component, Engine 2643219
Cover, Fuel Control 2643223
Plate, Retaining, Swi 2643559
Plate, Fuel Control 2643644
Lever, Fuel Control 2643645
Valve And Sleeve 2646389
Lever, Fuel Control 2646994
Plate, Fuel Control 2647283
Bearing Assy 2525464
Pump, Dual, Fuel Boos 4P94001-103A
Fuel Check, Disc Ass 213066-1
Filter Element, Fluid 2520443
Block, Fuel Distribu 71559
Housing Subassembly 208668-2
Fitting, Inlet, Pump 211442
Valve Assy, Fuel Con 739703-1
Valve And Sleeve Assembly 2526168
Parts Kit, Engine Fuel Control 350816-ISSB
Jet, Airflow 2525107-57
Housing Assembly 2529529
Lever And Roller, Fu 595949
Partks Kit, Valve, De 731797
Stop, Trim, Fuel Cont 2529678
Valve, Float, Aircraft Fuel Tank A51P9136-1
Can Assembly, Right Hand 2-469-58-1
Can Assembly, Right Hand 2-469-58-2
Valve, Pilot, Low Level 2-470-1
Retainer, Fitting A51P9103-7
Valve Assembly, Pilot A51P9108-5
Can Assembly, Left Hand 2-469-67-1
Can Assembly, Right Hand 2-469-67-2
Pendulum, Inlet Assembly A51P9104-3
Clamp, Bearing, Pendulum 7-469-4
Valve, Dump, Fuel A51P9116-1
Retainer, Fitting A51P9103-8
Strainer, Fuel 2007T33P01
Filter, High Pressur AC3232-451Y1
Shaft, Power Cam 37D401344P103
Valve, Pilot, Speed S 37E501365G002
Bellows, Sensor 144090
Strainer, Nozzle 4009T56G01
Retainer, Seal, Fuel Control 2006T29P01
Nozzle Unit B464230
Retaining Wire 16097D
Valve Subassy, Therm 102913DD
Parts Kit, Valve, Gat 105012DP
Bearing Assy 102549B
Arm, Override 16151ET
Actuating Arm, Fuel 2529609
Bellows Assy, Damped 3244112
Restrictor, Air Flow 2526075
Plate, Retaining, Val 2526367
Adjusting Screw 2526076
Screw, Adjusting, Special 2526368
Parts Kit, Fuel Cont 350814A
Parts Kit, Torque Control 350820
Lever, Bellows 2526359
Valve And Sleeve As 2644976
Housing, Fuel Contro 2644566
Actuator, Electro-mechanical, Rota 155970-1
Seal Assembly, Pump, Water Injecti 70072-1
Valve, Fuel, Pilot 60518-1
Retainer, Filter 02-16169
Screen, Fuel Control 2658744

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