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Engine Electrical System Components, Nonaircraft - FSC 2920

Generators; Magnetos; Spark Plugs; Ignition Coils; Ignition Distributors; Engine Voltage Regulators; Ignition Harness Assemblies; Starting Motors For Engines.
Last Modified: Mar 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bracket, Generator 40-1315
Bar 118JMA
Coil 20CMA
Control Assembly R11386-8
Spark Plug C45
Seal 353051R91
Generator, Engine Accessory 7601A
Holder, Brush A009058777
Rotor And Slip Ring 77308
Rotor, Generator 77309
Stator, Engine Generator 461047C1
Lead Assembly, Elect B9AF12264A
Rotor, Generator 1B44278A06
Conversion Kit, Alte 824-5R2714
Armature, Motor MES2205A
Stator Tube Assembly G400-101
Rotor Assembly, Electric G400-93
Shield System 40001
Shield, Distributor 25300-3
Regulator, Engine Generator 16-02301
Lead, Ignition, Engine 16-51469
Lead, Ignition, Engine 16-51470
Lead, Spark Plug XH7878
Lead, Spark Plug 16-51472
Distributor, Ignition System C8TZ12127M
Protector, Spark Plu 277528
Cover Plate, Magneto 317113
Cable, Fuel Gauge 912024
Ballast, Glow Plug 45837
Regulator, Engine Generator 105-151
Parts Kit, Retainer P90-2059
Marker, Ignition Cabinet 10-70304
Regulator, Engine Generator R0015022RB
Pickup And Plate, Distributor 3656738
Lead Set, Ignition, Engine 3620886
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1113202
Cable Assy, Shielded C809-508
Engine Block, Start 9244819
Diode Assembly, Generator EE2188-1
Cover, Electrical Generator SP-6123
Generator, Engine Accessory 62A100D4536
Plate, End, Retaining 1951946
Switch, Solenoid 11232-79
Motor, Engine Starter, Electrical 90277
Regulator, Engine Generator YJ56
Distributor, Ignition System IAD6004-2P
Regulator, Engine Generator 1118793
Cover Assembly, Engi 874064R11
Parts Kit, Ignition Magneto 160-0722
Linkage, Solenoid A7633
Arm, Adjusting, Belt Tension 191A305
Generator, Engine Accessory 2586556
Clamp Spacing Ignition 200903-A
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter DV200560
Coil, Ignition B6A12029B
Generator, Engine Accessory 4770847
Parts Kit, Switch Ac 5699-70
Spark Plug N-13Y
Switch, Ignition, Starter 2206079
Gear 21593
Generator, Engine Accessory 11655469
Block, Magneto 10-4877U
Pin Straight A326001
Clamp Breaker 2-54
Glow Plug IPD7L2123
Glow Plug 46611319
Control Box, Electri 371192-4
Lead, Electrical 8710880
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter 2701E11350B
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1603168
Coil, Magneto 160-0750
Generator, Engine Accessory 8MA2004KS
Armature, Generator 1963848
Baffle, Generator Pu F218M315
Regulator, Engine Generator 1119165
Retainer And Ring A 2586512
Rotor Assembly, Elec 899304
Armature, Motor 75A1820
Armature, Motor MA26913
Armature, Motor 26908
Ring, Field, Engine 26956
Armature, Generator 6729
Regulator Voltage JH3-013
Plate Bearing Retai 8F2081
Rod High Tension Le P983
Motor Assembly 70483-4
Regulator, Generator 1118874
Generator, Engine Accessory 10883063
Sleeve 10-79896
Lead, Ignition, Engine ERMA307
Parts Kit, Engine Generator 666-2261-007
Lead Electrical XH-6645
Regulator, Engine Generator AM2702T
Lead Assembly, Prima 2444249
Contact Set, Distributor 51958
Arm 18-11005
Deck 1915007
Button 597505
Coil D766
Regulator, Engine Generator 5-23

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