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Engine Electrical System Components, Nonaircraft - FSC 2920

Generators; Magnetos; Spark Plugs; Ignition Coils; Ignition Distributors; Engine Voltage Regulators; Ignition Harness Assemblies; Starting Motors For Engines.
Last Modified: May 27, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Generator, Engine Accessory ALK7004
Switch Assembly And Lead Assembl 309A134
Alternator, Engine 2038AA
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1108262
Magneto Ignition FMXZE4A8
Amplifier, Ignition C3TZ12A027C
Generator, Engine Accessory 1117075
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1113018
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1107523
Housing, Engine Drive, Electrical 1947803
Starter, Engine, Electrical 2873213
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter 54256984
Rotor, Ignition Distributor IBT1016
Generator, Engine Accessory 1106868
Exciter And Regulat 5L6993
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1107213
Coil Starter, Windin B6C11083A
Parts Kit, Engine Generator Regul GR504
Housing 155765R11
Generator, Engine Accessory C9AZ10346B
Jumper Assembly 57817
Armature Assembly 1949112
Stator, Engine Generator 13-8
Cover, Rear Housing 14-8
Rotor, Generator 12-10
Starter, Engine, Electrical 372697-15
Starter, Engine, Electrical 375322-9
Parts Kit, Ignition Magneto SK103
Parts Kit, Ignition Distributor A40930
Parts Kit, Electrical Engine Star 480419
Breaker, Special 50076A
Parts Kit, Starter Drive 5702752
Spider, Generator Drive 22HS773
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1113901
Parts Kit, Electrical Engine Star 658067-3
Block, Distributor L2474E
Plunger Assembly FW2514
Winding Assembly, Regulator 1916483
Generator, Engine Accessory GHA4804UT
Cap, Ignition Distribution 10030516
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter AT17981T
Glow Plug AT23537
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter 1949429
Distributor, Ignition System 1111924
Starter, Engine, Electrical SAW-647737
Switch, Lock, Ignition 1116553
Spark Plug 1753640
Starter, Engine, Electrical 887481
Relay-solenoid, Engine Starter, El 891262
Contact Set, Distributor 1948810
Washer, Leather 8182655
Cam 815798
Coil Magneto P5733A
Base, Motor E5-19-1806
Parts Kit, Ignition Distributor 5703304
Screw, Head, Spring F2857
Screw, Head F2579
Spring, Starter, Bend F3146
Drive Assembly, Star 1859383
Screw, Shaft, Spring F2856
Cap, Button, Horn B6C3627
Drive Assembly, Delc 1878079
Drive, Assembly, Bend 1895631
Rotor 7RAFFA1200B
Wiring Assembly, Hor 5660233
Screw, Shaft, Spring F2578
Parts Kit, Contactor K0-037
Spark Plug C47W
Spreader, Cable Ignition 10890801
Switch, Engine Starter, Electrical F226M260
Starter, Engine, Electrical P46-825
Support Assembly, Ge 2920000686110
Regulator, Engine Generator TVR24X13
Guard, Alternator V16-003-659
Plate, Brush MBD3371
Bracket, Engine Accessory Generat 10897021
Generator, Engine Accessory MA12N550
Stud, Terminal 35677
Generator, Engine Accessory 1102216
Regulator, Engine Generator F2H 7615
Switch, Lock, Ignition M1K58
Element, Alarm 104394C
Motor, Engine Starter, Electrical F226M438
Cap, Ignition Distribution P90-2055
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter 1964299
Coil, Magneto 50266
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1107540
Arm, Adjusting, Belt Tension, Water 11647748
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ 1941189
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ 1941181
Pole Shoe Assembly 1941246
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1113643
Generator, Engine Accessory 338339R91
Generator, Engine Accessory 1102335
Distributor, Ignition System 1112604
Contact Point And S Y138
Contactor, Starter CLASS8960TYPEY013
Plunger, Check 0635086-00
Collar, Ignition 0635078-00
Cover, Dust, Cap, Star IHD2015

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