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Engine Electrical System Components, Nonaircraft - FSC 2920

Generators; Magnetos; Spark Plugs; Ignition Coils; Ignition Distributors; Engine Voltage Regulators; Ignition Harness Assemblies; Starting Motors For Engines.
Last Modified: Mar 24, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Generator, Engine Accessory A5992
Starter, Engine, Electrical 27412
Cable Assy, Spark Pl HSCA2504F1
Adjusting Screw And 1939871
Lead Assy, Shielded 2-134-161
Link, Shift Lever 1853301
Armature, Motor 2L8165
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter A3012
Generator, Engine Accessory 1102342
Distributor, Ignition System 1112637
Lead Electrical XH2839
Lead, Ignition, Engine 52420-1
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter 1933705
Drive, Cranking Moto 1932280
Contact Set, Distributor FAA12171A
Starter, Engine, Electrical 10M507
Regulator, Engine Generator 1119185
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1109908
Distributor, Ignition System 1112606
Armature, Generator B5A10005A
Cable Set, Ignition B3700
Lead Set, Ignition 7MM
Fitting 493G357A
Cap, End, Magneto SK30
Parts Kit, Ignition Magneto 160-0540
Coil, Magneto E107
Collar, Pinion Stop 1927849
Armature, Generator 1932836
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ ALMCZ2002
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 3887
Parts Kit, Ignition Distributor 867764R91
Conduit And Connect AXH5661
Lead, Ignition, Engine 536804-40-50
Insert, Base A3708
Cover, Terminal Shie 6561
Cable Assy 53551
Retainer, Bearing 30032-1032
Magneto Ignition 7974215
Lead, Ignition, Engine 55-21
Cap, Ignition Distribution TY2430
Contact Set, Distributor X7451
Rotor, Magneto FXG-1106A
Parts Kit, Ignition Magneto R31-15-1115
Lead, Ignition, Engine XH8005
Ammeter Assy 5317A
Clip Electrical K6120
Starter, Engine, Electrical MZ4173T
Cover, Contact Set, Magneto 1691031
Cover, Magneto Coil 220339
Coil, Magneto 2920005969943
Starter-generator, Engine G32-6D
Winding, Starter-generator Field 1921607
Switch, Engine Starter, Electrical 7411589
Sleeve, Ignition Terminal A242
Generator, Engine Accessory 1117787
Starter, Engine, Electrical 5M
Vent Assy, End Cap, M U2430A
Parts Kit, Ignition Distributor 1942008
Lead Assy, Shielded, 02000-3275
Gasket, Ventilator C GA5215
Starter, Engine, Electrical YA55A
Wiring Harnesstermi 6-90605
Parts Kit, Ignition Distributor B2Q12000B
Parts Kit, Ignition Magneto K12442
Magneto, Ignition FMZVE487
Rotor, Ignition Distributor Y2765X
Spark Plug 501029
Lead Assembly XH3330
Lead Assembly XH3331
Lead Assembly XH3333
Lead Assembly XH3334
Switch, Lock, Ignition 95532
Distributor, Ignition System 1111626
Wiring Harness, Branched 806675
Generator, Engine Accessory 2500JB
Wiring Harness, Branched 11673835
Disc And Gear, Distr 4-46A
Housing, Engine Drive, Electrical PS2330A
Switch, Engine Starter, Electrical 41S181
Generator, Engine Accessory 8H1957
Generator, Engine Accessory 2D4185
Arm, Adjusting, Gener 913289
Relay-solenoid, Engine Starter, El DMS 84098B
Armature, Motor 3H1946
Cable, Spark Plug HSC1F201E30-3
Lead, Ignition, Engine 54073BS
Lead, Ignition, Engine 54072BS
Lead Set, Magneto 51640AS
Parts Kit, Engine Generator 666-4180-1
Distributor, Ignition System 1111623
Cable Assy, Special 8630-58-24B
Parts Kit, Engine Generator 5702515
Parts Kit, Resistor, Electrical 5702516
Parts Kit, Ignition Distributor 5702508
Parts Kit, Ignition Distributor 5702510
Parts Kit, Coupling, 5702512
Parts Kit, Electrical Engine Star 5702514
Parts Kit, Ignition Distributor 5702509
Parts Kit, Ignition Distributor 5702513
Suppressor Assy 33103

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