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Engine Electrical System Components, Nonaircraft - FSC 2920

Generators; Magnetos; Spark Plugs; Ignition Coils; Ignition Distributors; Engine Voltage Regulators; Ignition Harness Assemblies; Starting Motors For Engines.
Last Modified: Mar 26, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bracket, Eye, Nonrotating Shaft 8N9741
Rotor Assembly 2AN348
Flange, Starter, Moto 53-113
Coil, Ignition 60806
Switch, Safety, Neutral Start D2294
Cap, Ignition Distribution AL62A
Lead, Ignition, Engine 12002081
Lead, Ignition, Engine 305T
Support, Brush, Starter 1876357
Cap, Ignition Distribution DH-368
Armature, Motor C-SP-90054-002-A
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ N7281
Spark Plug 935
Switch, Safety, Neutral Start AR89691
Plate Assembly 4K9158
Plate 8K5283
Solenoid Switch 1115554
Tube, Stator, Coil As N7280
Shield Assembly N7282
Regulator, Engine Generator N3009
Stator, Engine Generator 9015D06-1
Shield, Spark Plug 458628
Distributor, Ignition System 484780C91
Generator, Engine Accessory 4091460
Shield, Heat, Spark Plug 3817657
Support Frame 4537408-091
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ 9015D05-1
Regulator, Engine Generator 2536204-601
Coil, Exciter 75191
Coil, Pulser 75192
Coil, Ignition 75174
Generator, Engine Accessory 2UF-125N/29A
Parts Kit, Engine Generator N8037
Lead Set, Ignition, Engine 12043790
Contact Set, Distributor CS359
Starter, Engine, Electrical 10461050
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter E1HZ-11350-B
Starter, Engine, Electrical D9PZ11002A
Housing, Engine Drive, Electrical SAW-11678124
Lead Set, Ignition, Engine 9454
Modulator Assembly, Ignition F1901
Reluctor And Rotor, Ignition AL408
Switch, Safety, Neutral Start 23011921
Adapter, Head 2P6588
Glow Plug 1022-0001598201
Arm, Adjusting, Belt Tension 3537014-801
Switch, Throttle 67078
Switch, Push Button 67079
Generator, Engine Accessory 191-1232
Switch, Lock, Ignition SW944
Connector Assembly, Relay 1974622
Cover Assembly 30012-1
Starter, Engine, Electrical 5213045
Parts Kit, Generator 35-762
Parts Kit, Engine Generator 90-2187
Parts Kit, Engine Generator 05997384
Parts Kit, Engine Generator SAW-11684130
Parts Kit, Generator AMA-1002D
Parts Kit, Engine Generator AMA-1042AS
Distributor, Ignition System 755057
Muffler 041263
Spark Plug AWSF-44
Starter, Engine, Electrical 2920PL0649312
Generator, Engine Accessory AMA5104UT
Generator Bracket 12338792
Spark Plug AGRP54B
Cap, Ignition Distribution CADH1690A
Switch, Engine Starter, Electrical 235-00059
Regulator, Engine Generator N3007
Regulator Box Assem 30011-1
Generator, Engine Accessory 1100092
Rotor, Distributor, Ignition, Engin FF44
Kit, Shielded Ignition XH2698
Switch, Safety, Neutral Start 336248
Starter, Motor, Engin 110949MOD
Switch, Safety, Neutral Start 12163-82281
Regulator And Recti 71655
Parts Kit, Connector 12133
Wiper, Cam 12227
Lead, Ignition, Engine 312K
Generator, Engine Accessory 321-42
Shield End Assembly, Alternator 3874272
Connector, Alternator 1974624
Switch, Electrical 302990
Cam, Magneto 30002
Wiring Harness, Branched 10290698
Parts Kit, Engine Generator 2536337-604
Cover, Electric Motor 12281252
Igniter, Spark, Gas Turbine Engine 369964-6
Starter, Engine, Electrical 94083
Relay-solenoid, Engine Starter, El P267-M4
Switch, Lock, Ignition 1307998
Regulator, Engine Generator A48295
Armature, Ignition MP104
Rotor, Generator C5AZ10335D
Arm, Adjusting, Belt Tension 6170500111
Switch, Lock, Ignition D134737
Control, Electronic 3T3964
Parts Kit, Contact Starter D7AZ-11134-A
Glow Plug 9G

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