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Engine Electrical System Components, Nonaircraft - FSC 2920

Generators; Magnetos; Spark Plugs; Ignition Coils; Ignition Distributors; Engine Voltage Regulators; Ignition Harness Assemblies; Starting Motors For Engines.
Last Modified: Mar 21, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Vibrator, Ignition Coil 51655
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1109797
Generator, Engine Accessory 110-302
Wire, Ground 398874
Coil, Magneto 398265
Bracket, Engine Accessory Generat 2BF306
Bracket, Engine Accessory Generat 2BF308
Generator, Engine Accessory 3426JC
Regulator, Engine Generator 3/193787
Stop Switch Assembl 87-69508A5
Starter, Engine, Electrical 286591
Modulator Assembly, Ignition 5160426-07
Coil, Ignition 83-14249
Ignition Coil Assem 339-5288A2
Control, Distributor Ignition 493091C91
Cover, Dust, Distributor 1DN-17
Modulator Assembly, Ignition 581933
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1173241
Generator, Engine Accessory 2513LC
Bracket, Engine Accessory Generat C0191133100
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter A49584
Arm, Adjusting, Belt Tension C0191136500
Man Drive Assembly 5001-982
Generator, Engine Accessory QM4036
Armature, Starter-generator 191-1606
Sensor, Fuel Filter 27108
Armature, Motor 22038925
Strap, Output, Generator SAW-12125816
Plate, Wiring Harness 5741113
Contact Set, Distributor 000-43-062-340
Generator, Engine Accessory 40-2505365
Link 75-0865
Ron 75-0866
Housing, Engine Drive, Electrical 47418-3
Cover, Blower Housing End Plate 5146328
Starter-generator, Engine, Nonairc BML26752
Coil, Ignition 38-145-01
Starter, Engine, Electrical M0017506MB
Lead Assembly, Electrical 320416
Cable Assembly, Reta 83-14898
Cable, Stop 83-14563
Control Box, Remote 296408-1
Cable Assembly, Elec 296540-1
Stator, Engine Generator 1984445
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter DV200743
Cover Assembly 2108893-1
Housing, Engine, Generator 1984464
Frame And Field Assembly MES-2106CS
Starter, Engine, Electrical 386657
Housing, Engine Drive, Electrical C0191160700
Switch, Lock, Ignition 65290
Lead, Ignition, Engine 12036953
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1990485
Starter, Engine, Electrical 396306
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter 384781
Motor, Engine Starter, Electrical 1113593
Rotor, Generator N-23108-M0412
Igniter, Spark, Gas Turbine Engine 101420-1
Magneto, Ignition 162-0235
Wiring Harness, Branched 8P4698
Wiring Harness, Branched 8P4699
Wiring Harness, Branched 8P4700
Starter, Engine, Electrical 101484-1
Motor, Engine Starter, Electrical 0-001-366-010
Glow Plug C0333022600
Arm, Adjusting, Belt Tension L116885
Retainer, Starter 4100645-1
Generator, Engine Accessory 2502-6006C
Modulator Assembly, Ignition LLE-120-12
Generator, Engine Accessory 40-2505377
Rotor, Ignition Distributor E4TZ12200B
Connector Assembly, Stowage, Gener 458-54814-1
Roller, Rounded End 4165244-1
Switch, Safety, Neutral Start A47338
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1114905
Rotor, Generator A12-49
Stator, Engine Generator 13-28
Parts Kit, Electrical Engine Star 90-989
Support, Armature 8P1184
Support, Armature 8P1185
Generator, Engine Accessory 8SC3009Z
Switch, Engine Starter, Electrical 79Z1690
Generator, Engine Accessory LR160-92F
Starter, Engine, Electrical 10461045
Lead Set, Ignition, Engine 12036950
Coil And Housing Assembly 21703
Generator, Engine Accessory 1105632
Lead Set, Ignition, Engine 5213373
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1114915
Switch, Safety, Neutral Start 92102-05
Motor, Engine Starter, Electrical 1998442
Regulator, Engine Generator 105-351
Accelerator, Mod. Of 4X108C1
Starter, Engine, Electrical MD027382
Lead Set, Ignition, Engine 608G
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter SDN77
Spark Plug ASF52C
Starter-generator, Engine, Nonairc 0-010-350-100
Generator, Engine Accessory C5DZ10346-B
Glow Plug 7N9636

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