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Engine Electrical System Components, Nonaircraft - FSC 2920

Generators; Magnetos; Spark Plugs; Ignition Coils; Ignition Distributors; Engine Voltage Regulators; Ignition Harness Assemblies; Starting Motors For Engines.
Last Modified: May 25, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Weight Assembly IGB327S
Clamp 5A7281
Cable Assembly 71114-1
Winding, Motor Field MAX1009
Spark Plug 61497DA
Coil, Field Set 925798
Lead, Cutout To Safe XH-3218
Glow Plug D8NN9A436AA
Lead Set, Ignition, Engine WR3819
Spacer 60183
Protector, Wiring Ha 77156
Starter, Engine, Electrical D0NN11000B
Switch, Starter Magn 24022
Lead Set, Ignition, Engine XH2706
Alternator Assembly 8SA3006P
Armature Assembly MCZ2033F
Parts Kit, Ignition Coil 5704602
Parts Kit, Ignition Distributor 2920001522265
Cam, Ignition Distributor 10949278
Lead Set, Ignition, Engine XH-6591
Relay-solenoid, Engine Starter, El 100951
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter 1938381
Starter-generator, Engine, Nonairc 1101871
Spark Plug J10C0M
Generator, Engine Accessory 1105907
Plate, Magneto Housi 2-148
Hook, Clamp 10-1476
Hook, Clamp 10-1464
Regulator, Engine Generator 105-155
Head Assy, Commutato MDT1052
Core, Movable SAD1021
Switch, Starting Solinoid SAL4001
Stator, Engine Generator 71130
Rotor, Generator 2920001609346
Switch, Engine Starter, Electrical 95305
Suppressor Assembly 7L4062
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1107273
Core And Breaker Bo P5732
Generator Housing Assembly, Front N7011
Clip, Coil Holding P81-20
Cover, Dust, Magneto P45-15
Spark Plug K267-5-500
Generator, Engine Accessory MA24N900G
Bracket, Engine Accessory Generat 11644844
Starter, Engine, Electrical 7S3622
Generator, Engine Accessory A0015516AA
Switch, Engine Starter, Electrical 11657929
Shaft With Gear 212296R11
Switch, Ignition 1371-61
Generator, Engine Accessory 11642898
Switch, Lock, Ignition A24510
Regulator, Engine Generator VR1015
Spark Plug W-S-506
Winding, Motor Field 97359
Plate, Ignition Contact Breaker 37540
Drive Assy, Distribu 322322
Armature, Motor MPB3411T
Armature Assembly 5353389
Frame, Coil Assembly 5353388
Regulator, Engine Generator 5-17
Lead Assy, Glow Plug 9S3167
Switch, Ignition And 2947486
Motor, Starter, Hydraulic 5143338
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ 925669
Rotor, Magneto 58809
Cable, Coil, Ignition 1739G6
Adapter, Generator 2920001777844
Terminal, Lead Ignit 8737737
Frame And Field Ass 925682
Lead, Electrical IAZ24
Adapter, Starter, Motor 2920001779158
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ 2920001793460
Tube, Air Intake, Gen 211212
Plate, Ignition Switch 8754667
Contact Set, Distributor 30547A
Lead, Ignition, Engine 10896917
Contact Set, Distributor FD8183XV
Shield, Terminal, Sta 70448
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ 1902423
Sleeve 11DEB7819S
Contact Set, Distributor 1882021
Cover Assembly GAR83A
Weight, Distributor 8SA0230B
Gear, Follower GK365
Member Assembly HG73118
Generator, Engine Accessory 8AR2007
Switch, Solenoid, Starter SP-6056
Head Assembly, Communication MFY1002BS
Spark Plug UL-18-V
Coil, Magneto FWM-2504S
Regulator, Engine Generator 2N7279
Starter, Engine, Electrical 920344
Glow Plug 3054716R91
Starter, Engine, Electrical MGD4113
Drive, Engine, Electrical Starter 384785
Switch, Speed Sensitive 11902094
Generator Assy 1100688
Distributor, Ignition System A39017
Kit 72728R95
Starter, Engine, Electrical 1113864

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