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Engine Electrical System Components, Aircraft Prime Moving - FSC 2925

Magnetos; Igniters (spark Plugs); Ignition Coils; Ignition Distributors; Engine Voltage Regulators; Ignition Harness Assemblies; Starting Motors For Engines; Engine Accessory Generators.
Last Modified: Jan 18, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cutout Relay, Engine Generator A718
Nut D22-127
Band Assembly 11905
Dowel, Tubular JH11907
Countershaft, Internal JH11912
Race 11931
Retainer 11945
Cone Nut 11947-1
Gear Assembly, Special 11948
Gear Assembly, Starter JH11948-2
Jaw JH11953R3
Jaw 11954R12
Ring JH11958
Retainer Asy 11985
Cover, Terminal Shield 11993-1
Housing 11994-1
Cover JH12538
Plate Assembly, Clutch JH1265
Terminal 12589
Terminal Asy 12655
Support, Band JH12657
Armature Assembly R990-120
Armature, Motor JH2310-1
Jaw, Starte Engine JH237-1R3
Base 24554
Cam Breaker 10-15732Y
Support, Contact 10-22054
Gear Asy 10-25356
Retainer 10-26084
Plate, Breaker 10-26094
Plate 10-26095
Support, Breaker 10-26108
Insulator 10-26109
Rotor, Magneto 10-27604
Coil, Magneto 10-38555PC22
Spring Assembly, Breaker Main 10-2977
Retainer 10-33798
Plate 10-50777
Plate, Insulating 10-7746
Plug P17D5083
Magneto, Ignition 10-87710-8
Generator Assy 72695
Vibrator, Ignition Coil 6877517
Parts Kit, Starter 52-200008
Armature 20069-1067
Transmitter 56B60
Lead, Ignitor, Afterb 10-319013-1
Igniter, Spark, Gas Turbine Engine 2-300-217
Cable Assembly, Igni 3011871
Plug, Ignitor 10-206392-1
Gear, Distributor 10-157123
Case And Bracket As 90499
Shaft, Inner, Starter 768B125G1
Cable Assembly, Spec 58769
Conduit Assy-lh Eng 2143254
Ring, Lock 120167
Armature, Motor JH2045-1
Fan-gen 24233
Head 24530
Bracket Assembly, E, 24736
Starter-generator, Engine, Aircraf 23046-019
Cable Assy B399941
Rotor Assembly 2924-00001
Relay Special N183100
Relay Special N179132
Relay Special N183101-1
Switch, Speed 305438-4
Lead Assembly, Spark Igniter 64829/710122
Lead Assembly, Spark Igniter 6866184
Cable Assembly 4100-0251-0003
Vibrator, Ignition Coil 43317
Load Share Module 635E376G01
Rotor, Generator 10-383192-1
Parts Kit, Wiring Harness 6842719
Parts Kit, Wiring Harness 6842727
Vibrator, Ignition Coil 477710
Shaft Assembly, Inner 36B506562BAG1
Cable Assembly, Special Purpose, E 64897
Lead, Ignition, Engine 64876
Mounting Kit, Starte 23046-516
Cover, Starter-gener 23046-1724
Air Inlet, Starter-g 23048-1041
Cover, Starter Fan 23048-1000
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ 23046-340
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ 23046-1673
Armature, Starter-generator 200SG1064-1
Contact Arm Assembly N183714
Contact Assembly N170544
Contact Assembly N170545
Relay Special N161953-4
Plug And Lead Ass N179160
Plug And Lead Ass N180574
Socket And Lead N180577-1
Heat Shield Assy N194674
Armature Special CX54195
Block Mounting CX260214
Cover Discharge CX170774
Discharge Gap CX255139
Transfer CX153498
Ignition Unit And NB8902-2

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