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Engine Electrical System Components, Aircraft Prime Moving - FSC 2925

Magnetos; Igniters (spark Plugs); Ignition Coils; Ignition Distributors; Engine Voltage Regulators; Ignition Harness Assemblies; Starting Motors For Engines; Engine Accessory Generators.
Last Modified: Mar 25, 2019

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Igniter, Spark, Gas Turbine Engine 4016T34P01
Tube 10-353628
Housing Extension 10-377799
Support 10-23491
Support, Breaker 10-76734
Lock, Terminal 10-5200
Lock Coupling 10-20242
Cover, Magneto, Air B 10-18076Y
Contact Breaker, Eccentric 10-532Z
Adapter Assembly, Breaker 10-15729
Stop, Breaker Main Stop PL52303
Adapter, Ground Terminal 10-33102
Bushing BG5284
Body 8640279P1
Relay Box, Control 6869188
Clamp, Coil 8692247P1
Radio Shield Assemb CV52236
Shield-radio CV52292
Plate Assembly, Brea PL52144A
Lead Assembly, Unimold 93435
Cam, 18lobe 8652021G1
Lead Assy, Unimold 93433
Spark Plug RHB37E
Cover, Magneto Coil T8672141P1
Cover, Front End, Stationary 11573
Drive Assy, Starter ES-EBB75A
Clamp, Magneto Cover 10-8482
Bushing, Double Threaded 10-32389
Disc, Marking 2-323
Disc, Marking 2-319
Insulator Breaker, Main Spring 10-3263
Block, Distributor, M DP52351A
Block Assembly, Dist DP52370A
Cover, Coil 10-9710Y
Cap, Octagonal 10-33113
Cover Assembly, Breaker 10-2
Coverassembly, Dust CV52340
Cover, Vent CV52361
Cover, Dust CV52191
Cover Assembly, Breaker CV52359
Lubricator, Cam LR528
Cap, Ground Terminal 10-23930
Sleeve 10-25390
Box Assembly, Igniti 3015270
Igniter, Spark, Gas Turbine Engine AGF2-6
End Bell, Electrical Rotating Equ 23046-1635
Support Assembly, Be 23046-309
Cover Assembly, Star 23032-1335
Stator, Engine Generator 48110
Receptacle And Lead 210570-1
Switch Assy, Thrust 6870559
Block Compound, Engi 63891
Block Compound, Engi 66019
Screen, End Bell 23046-1180
Connector Assembly 94807
Shoe Assy, Pole 96370
Cage, Assemblyplanet 46943
Liner, Bearing 80732
Barrel, Driving 644579
Housing, Magneto 10-17948
Lock 10-18247
Ratchet, Drive Member Timing 10-19178
Follower Assembly, C 10-3429
Bushing, Spline Nut B120906
Starter, Engine, Electrical 11920R3
Ignition Unit NB10802
Sequencing Unit U16303
Coupler Assembly, Alt 635796
Box Assembly 6875756
Tube Igniter, Adapte 3901T33P01
Coil, Magneto 10-13623Y
Coil, Magneto CL5248
Regulator, Engine Generator VSF7403S
Switch, Cam Operated 2487199
Armature, Starter-generator 23069-1031
Winding, Motor Field 823985
Radio Shield 10-70322Y
Shield, Ventilator 10-9967
Cam, Contact 10-23197Y
Flange, Magneto 10-29667
Flange 10-25388Y
Shim, Clutch Spring JH529-3
Armature, Starter-generator 23048-1031
Armature, Solenoid 20069-1265
Jaw-clutch Assembly 20069-1730
Shaft Assy, Screw 2483286
Yoke, Field Coil 2481248
Retainer, Gear 2482036
Spark Plug MILS7886-5
Starter-generator, Engine, Aircraf 2CM63E1A
Starter-generator, Engine, Aircraf 2925EG002-1
Starter, Engine, Electrical 36E00-2A
Starter, Engine, Electrical 756-21B
Clamp, Coil Core 10-5038
Housing Assy, Gear HG52195A
Plate Assembly 46995
Housing And Studs A 116934
Housing, Front, Starter 116412
Device Assembly, Mes 107248
Breaker Plate, Machi 8292114P1

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