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Miscellaneous Engine Accessories, Nonaircraft - FSC 2990

Engine Dynafocal Suspension Mounts; Engine Driven Superchargers (not Integrated With Engine); Starter Cranks; Engine Starter Ropes; Exhaust Mufflers; Hand Inertia Starters; Air Duct Heaters; Engine Governors; Intake Mufflers; Combustion Type Starters; Miscellaneous Accessories For All Engines Except Aircraft And Guided Missile Prime Moving.
Last Modified: Sep 21, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Blower Assembly 5139306
Muffler, Exhaust 636-5-7459
Cap Assembly, Muffle 636-1-4695
Extension, Tube 311150
Handle, Latch 312184
Hook, Motor Cover 323236
Hook, Rear 312199
Spring, Choke Knob 312482
Damper, Vibration 193552
Pipe, Exhaust 2353719
Panel, Choke Control 310940
Lift Bracket 312050
Cut Out Body 376918
Rack And Link 380880
Handle And Screw 381165
Spool And Sleeve 383118
Cover And Lube Assy 383506
Cover Assy 383512
Control Assembly, Push-pull EY19-2281A
Muffler, Exhaust 11236
Screen 58974
Cover 58975
Diaphragm 58980
Diaphragm 58988
Clamp 59622
Lever 59716
Clamp 63291A
Plate 72085A
Link Assembly, Throttle Control 6D475
Linkage, Governor 375835
Tube Assembly 5132870
Governor Assembly 5142804
Pipe, Exhaust AEM00-1092
Crank And Cam Assy 373977-2
Body Assembly, Servo Valve 662586-2
Rod Actuating Assembly 968880-1
Diaphragm, Valve, Special Shaped 968945-1
Diaphragm, Valve, Special Shaped 968946-1
Diaphragm, Valve, Special Shaped 968948-1
Diaphragm, Valve, Special Shaped 118774-2
Pipe, Exhaust 10896989
Pipe, Exhaust 42388
Fuse Rod, Temperature Detector 6702X05-197
Muffler, Exhaust 46669760
Cover And Shaft Assembly 5110654
Muffler, Exhaust IPD1P0408
Governor Weight 68NB-6447
Pipe, Exhaust 884045C1
Pipe, Exhaust 631614K21
Control Assembly, Push-pull 2961425
Guard, Exhaust 11630422
Parts Kit, Power Take-off 666-2266-03
Bellows, Governor 407124
Pipe, Exhaust 89-228
Muffler, Exhaust 2-138-8-00052
Pipe, Exhaust 998023
Parts Kit, Gasoline Engine Govern C5JZ-12448-A
Cap Assembly, Protective, Muffler- 63-43
Retainer, Governor Spring 5132856
Pipe, Exhaust E4-1113
Pipe, Exhaust 615738K21
Plate, Sheave Rope 192-0308
Heater, Air Duct, Engine 978ML24
Muffler, Exhaust AT21689
Muffler, Exhaust 5L8645
Pipe, Exhaust 200B0081-01
Muffler, Exhaust 2ME361P4
Pipe, Exhaust 4ME2991P6
Pipe, Exhaust 95535
Link, Throttle Delay 5145827
Governor, Diesel Engine 5146582
Weights, Governor As 5144314
Weights, Governor As 5144313
Pipe, Exhaust JE5255A
Muffler, Exhaust 2463043
Plate, Assembly Moun 12409-2
Plate, Backing, Muff 10865595
Air Actuator P60263-1
Pipe, Exhaust 10894111
Muffler 996215R91
Control Assembly, Push-pull 90213R91
Flange, Exhaust Pipe M-552
Vent, Baffle 2400479
Pipe, Exhaust B8J-5246-A
Parts Kit, Supercharger PC5197396
Plunger 238625R2
Connector, Exhaust H11435
Pipe, Exhaust 2435509
Control Assembly, Push-pull 3A1675-12
Valve, Air Control ANM81749
Accumulator, Air Sta ANM98342
Valve, Release ANM79063-2
Cover Assembly, Governor 5127575
Kit, Mount, Motor 168389R91
Rim, Headlight 147800R91
Coupling, Pipe, Tail 990234H
Pipe, Tail 94036R1
Pipe, Tail 159538R1
Bracket, Muffler Sup AP1100
Clamp, Muffler 95010H

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