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Gas Generating And Dispensing Systems, Fixed Or Mobile - FSC 3655

Last Modified: Sep 28, 2020

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Storage Unit, Liquid Nitrogen T1625
Tank, Storage, Liquid Argon-nitrog TM6000
Tank, Storage, Liquid Argon-nitrog LOX50-2
Tank, Storage, Liquid Argon-nitrog L0X50-1
Tank, Storage, Liquid Argon-nitrog LOX50
Valve, Shut-off 6265M0D
Indicator, Valve Position 3LW1-4CCW12T
Tank, Storage, Liquid Argon-nitrog 30047
Valve, Rupture Disk A2866-2
Valve, Bellows 130198
Tank, Storage, Liquid Argon-nitrog MIL-T-27892TMU-7A/E
Tank, Storage, Liquid Argon-nitrog MIL-PRF-27720
Sleeve, Cell Stud 21-19619PC5
Expansion Valve Assembly D664-1026
Control Valve Assembly D664-1027
Rupture Disc Assembly D661-1260
Spindle, Valve B30747-2
Spindle, Valve B30748-2
Element, Sieve B3112
Thermometer A21703
Belt, Matched Set A21691
Thermostat A21265-1
Stem A21022-11
Thermostat AR2153
Glass, Liquid Level G8590
Burette, Gas 244-1
Burette, Gas 244-2
Recharging Unit, Carbon Dioxide, P 7645X
Wrench, Air Drier 32468B
Immersion Oil, Slide 76683
Tank, Storage, Liquid Argon-nitrog 800-82-84
Tank, Storage, Liquid Argon-nitrog D59281-1
Tank, Storage, Liquid Argon-nitrog 2414500
Cap Assembly, Crankpin 3W21639T
Guard, Suction And Discharge Valv GRD43
Valve, Pressure Regulating, Water 2300TYPE246P12F
Valve, Shutoff 24650
Body, Valve 3-079-05-0001
Body, Outlet Valve 26771
Cartridge Assembly 40081A
Coil Assembly, Expansion, Pan 40514B
Manifold, Cylinder 41244D-02
Bonnet, Valve, Angle P9-086-21-0016
Cover, Bearing Housing 1-274592
Cover, Valve 1-15108
Intercooler, Second Stage 415550
Recharging Unit, Carbon Dioxide, P SC3
Vent Pipe Assembly 84-889
Handle Assembly, Module Extractor 483A168
Amplifier, Switch 4-16690
Spacer, Valve Housin B876-92
Packing Tool, Pump B876-136
Cylinder, Expansion E50-11L
Piston, Engine D50739
Cam, Inlet E50-4L
Coil, Aftercooler 10195
Coil, Double, Second 34017A AND 34018A
Cam Middle Bracket E50-10
Yoke, Cam Follower B-34644-1
Tank, Storage, Liquid Argon-nitrog TMU-27/M
Crankshaft, Expansion A2466-4
Push Rod B3186-1
Rod, Push B3186-2
Coil, Aftercooler Fourth Stage 10194
Coil, Third Stage 34019A
Wrist Pin, Compressor P8-4
Disc, Valve B3092-5-4
Repair Kit, Generating Plant A2448ANDA2436
Disc, Metallic 58087
Disc, Liquid Oxygen 1-UA2-3000-C/S-
Retainer, Rocker Arm C4210-44
Nut, Push Rod, Exhaust A2408
Valve, Filter 26-04210
Male Bayone, Liquifier 3200735-1
Shaft And Bearing Assembly A91387M
Drain Plug, Self Clo 3200564-1
Tank, Fuel 3200590-1
Indicator, Valve Pos 3200572-5
Indicator, Valve Pos 3200572-7
Indicator, Valve Position 3200572-1
Indicator, Valve Position 3200572-3
Bearing Sleeve D251-7
Cover, Dust, Clamped 11-2505-05333
Valve, Oxygen-nitrogen F602
Blower, Oxygen Tank 3HXBSC0S
Piston Assembly C0588
Seal, Shaft 32372A
Cylinder, Third Stag 34024A
Bushing, Fifth Stage 34928A
Cylinder, Air Compre 36009A
Bag, Filter, Generator 2R47884
Screen, Oil 50FF1220
Generating And Charging Plant, Ox J6657
Bushing Guide H14356-1-21-4
Spring Valve H14356-1-21-3
Vaporizer Unit 3656-7
Seat, Liquid Oxygen Coupling C8987855
Plug 8987870
Seat 550044-10-206
Cone 8987877

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