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Crane And Crane-shovel Attachments - FSC 3815

Backhoes; Buckets; Dippers; Fairleads; Gantries; Grapples; Lifting Magnets; Shovels; Wrecking Balls.
Last Modified: Oct 28, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Tooth, Surface Ripping 136101
Pin Assembly, Boom 19T2963F2
Counterweight, Crane 813722K1
Base, Boom Indicator 481710
Lever, Remote Control 6P1148F1
Tooth, Bucket Point 13213E6854-2
Clamp, Cable Crane 325665
Yoke, Crane 45245
Tooth, Surface Ripping 70062160
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping 129-40
Tooth, Surface Ripping LL2641
Boom Jib, Crane MILC52648
Pin, Hinge, Corner Br X1-24X
Boom Extension, Middle, Crane MC414
Fairlead, Roller 4229C
Bucket, Clamshell ABINE
Roller, Fairlead 13217E6274FIND1
Boom Extension, Middle, Crane D10706-14
Bucket, Clamshell 248DX
Bucket, Dragline GPX
Boom Jib, Crane MILB52207
Tooth, Surface Ripping 25STANDARD
Lock, Pin, Tooth, Shov 5934220
Adapter Plate Set, Pile Driver Le 10706-13-4
Fairlead, Roller And Sheave MILB52203
Bucket, Concrete 462R
Pivot, Latch Lever 94211
Bar, Latch, Dipper Do DP18B
Band, Clutch Assy U247D0283
Lagging Set, Closing 234E0216
Lagging Set, Hoist D 234E0223
Yoke, Toggle 234D2386
Block, Friction, Clut R883F
Bucket, Dragline AX
Bucket, Dragline H
Bucket, Dragline AX
Bucket, Clamshell J5TYPE300
Point, Dipper Tooth 10171
Core Assy, Tagline 630-40
Tooth, Surface Ripping 10289
Boom Section, Inner, Crane U247E5440
Tooth, Clamshell Bucket 1050420021
Bucket, Dragline RC
Bucket, Dragline GA2A
Backhoe, Crane-shovel MILC15467
Shovel Front, Crane-shovel TIP01620-12AUG71
Boom Jib, Crane 11J1327
Cutting Edge, Bucket 12Z189
Cutting Edge, Bucket 12Z190
Bucket, Dragline A
Bucket, Dragline A
Bucket, Dragline TS
Fairlead, Sheave MC3
Fairlead, Sheave GR2315
Fairlead, Sheave MILC15467
Backhoe, Crane-shovel 803902
Shovel Front, Crane-shovel M20A
Boom, Crane 3000B
Boom Extension, Middle, Crane MILC15467
Adapter Plate Set, Pile Driver Le 16N481F1AND16N482F1
Tooth Point, Draglin 25K28
Roller, Cable Guide N70-27
Toothset, Clamshell 1X53
Fairlead, Sheave 7100113
Parts Kit, Shovel Bucket X05-44
Wedge, Cable WS5
Boom, Crane MILB52203
Wedge, Cable 20279
Roller Assembly, Cra 20256
Fairlead, Sheave MILP19380
Fairlead, Sheave D-28877
Bushing Shipper Shaft D2111-2A
Fairlead, Sheave AS1
Boom Jib Extension, Middle, Crane UC156361
Tooth, Surface Ripping 278B961
Fairlead, Sheave 317371-1
Pin Assembly, Bar, Corner 51319
Seal, Body 20107
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping 8007443
Shovel Front, Crane-shovel 22BMS
Plate, Thrust, Starting Clutch 6H3147
Tooth, Surface Ripping 010100011
Wedge, Bail Socket D854
Tooth Point A1004
Tooth, Surface Ripping 3044958-1
Plate, Fairlead Shea 208P13
Guard Tube, Cable 13217E3081
Crosshead P17-59A
Joint Universal N1578R
Shank, Bucket Tooth S26169
Boom Section, Outer, Crane UC123563
Roller, Roller Fairlead 10925335
Fairlead, Sheave 100N727FIG3
Lead Section, Top, Pile Driver 13207E7666
Parts Kit, Seal Replacement, Mecha 922732
Boom, Crane MILB52203
Tooth, Surface Ripping T29887
Tooth, Surface Ripping 24SP
Shank, Tooth Assembly AT34277
Boom Wear Shoe Plate A24578-1

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