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Crane And Crane-shovel Attachments - FSC 3815

Backhoes; Buckets; Dippers; Fairleads; Gantries; Grapples; Lifting Magnets; Shovels; Wrecking Balls.
Last Modified: Oct 17, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Retainer, Indicator 14T1610
Support, Tension 211P196
Roller, Boom 213P44
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 6-372-001025
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line 6-372-000687
Plate, Indicator, Boom Angle 18P4038
Boom, Hoist Support 211J436F1
Lagging, Drum, Crane 223J106F1
Indicator, Elvation Level 6-486-000356
Weldment, Console 2-104-4-00033
Plate, Retainer 218T2436
Drum, Shipper, Pin 23J401F1
Valve Assembly, Bypass 9437100186
Block, Bumper 214N259
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping 13213E6856
Spool 52592
Housing Assembly 52593
Block, Saddle 33J43
Plate, Wear, Saddle Block 33P221
Guard, Hydraulic Pump AT41662
Bucket, Clamshell L112875
Indicator, Level, Boom 50P2
Bucket, Clamshell L112874
Catwalk, Crane 11J2606
Arm, Lift, Bucket L106600
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line SK802682
Hand Rail 228P3-D0
Boom Extension, Middle, Crane 211J484
Tooth, Surface Ripping F54330
Lever, Remote Control 18D9
Lever, Remote Control 1J20-B
Ball, Wrecking, Half 22Z3D0
Torque Tube, Crane 22J437
Barrel, Swivel 8Z94D0
Boom Jib, Crane 211J477
Tooth, Surface Ripping L-55608
Fairlead, Roller 1372330U
Fairlead, Roller 1452180U
Magnet, Lifting, Electric 1N762944
Front And Rear Drum 22D202-D
Fairlead, Roller 913N9-1
Canopy, Crane 227N561
Rim, Slewing, Crane 901J22
Fairlead, Sheave 2100P169F1
Thumper Assembly, Drum Rotation 50U4
Boom Extension, Middle, Crane 9M1759-D
Boom Section, Inner, Crane 22M610-D
Boom Section, Outer, Crane 22M1796
Boom Extension, Middle, Crane 9M1769-D
Block Assembly, Hook 2C-37575-B
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line CS2301-1623
Yoke 4947B
Cap, End 409C
Set Collar 1068-B
Extension, Outer Boo 348 5111
Link, Drag B56658
Headache Ball Assem HB11B-EE3PH
Housing, Valve, Control 5210414
Plate 346 7775
Fairlead, Sheave 12312345
Support, Boom 346 0240
Gantry 103-1-2012182
Weightload Assembly 79Q268
Bucket, Front, Loader L113223
Head, Linear Actuating Cylinder 25076 ITEM 3
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line UP-219
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line UP-218
Boom Section, Inner, Crane 2BF966
Boom Extension, Middle, Crane 190M-7-2
Cap, Boom HD-306
Rod, Piston, Linear Actuating Cyli HSK-238
Head, Linear Actuating Cylinder HV-134
Boom, Crane 190M-3
Boom, Hoist Support 2CP234
Boom, Crane 22M481-D
Switch, Circuit Board 127710
Switch Assembly, Circuit Board 127710
Plate, Pin, Sheave C1236
Tooth, Surface Ripping 7J3309
Tooth, Surface Ripping 7J3310
Tooth, Surface Ripping 9J4252
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping U10580
Fairlead, Roller 27971-F
Roller, Roller Fairlead 4656962
Eye, Cable Anchor Spring 12103
Bucket, Dragline 104421
Bucket, Clamshell 104422
Tip, Bucket Scoop 8J6202
Support, Roller 16T1894
Roller, Fairlead L-813-2
Roller, Fairlead L-813-1
Anchor, Boom Stop 625500K21
Bracket, Eye, Nonrotating Shaft 106470-3
Bucket, Clamshell 107526
Dipper Assembly, Backhoe D140280
Tooth, Surface Ripping 102983
Lip, Clamshell 107524
Inside Hinge, Clamshell Bucket 106470-2
Bowl, Clamshell 107527
Plate, Groove Cleaning, Clamshell 107541

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