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Crane And Crane-shovel Attachments - FSC 3815

Backhoes; Buckets; Dippers; Fairleads; Gantries; Grapples; Lifting Magnets; Shovels; Wrecking Balls.
Last Modified: Oct 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Head Weldment, Clamshell Bucket 106468-1
Arm, Clamshell Bucket 106468-3
Inside Hinge, Clamshell Bucket 106470-1
Bracket, Eye, Nonrotating Shaft 106470-4
Beam Splitter, Optical 63D716791P2
Tooth, Surface Ripping 73020853
Boom Section, Inner, Crane 709F1505
Boom Section, Outer, Crane 709F1506
Tooth, Surface Ripping 2895-001
Fairlead, Roller And Sheave 50116-F
Boom, Crane 709F1357
Bucket, Dragline 107512
Bar, Spreader 107513
Socket, Crowsfoot 103057
Point Adapter 107534
Dump Block Side Rh 107514-1
Dump Block Side Lh 107514-2
Tooth, Surface Ripping 73151598
Tooth, Surface Ripping 251-HX
Plate, Hitch 101189
Fairlead, Sheave 50370
Boom Section, Outer, Crane 2-174-900188
Tooth, Surface Ripping R35317
Fairlead Assembly 6129483-0001
Boom Section, Inner, Crane 352 6747
Boom Section, Outer, Crane 352 6542
Tooth, Surface Ripping HL18THX
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping 73151599
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping 73151608
Gland, Head 1018Z4240
Mast Assembly, Crane 709A1376
Spud, Crane Mast 709 1461
Mast, Crane 709F1468
Chute, Link Ejection 112973-1
Tooth, Surface Ripping L105651
Tooth, Surface Ripping 73151609
Basket, Air Lift 022225
Tagline, Crane And Crane-shovel 636
Beam, Outrigger 709F1629
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping 925476C1
Fairlead, Roller And Sheave 6268-C
Fairlead, Roller 6139002-29
Fairlead, Roller 031004100028
Fairlead, Roller 031 004 100033
Gib, Crosshead 157815-173
Magnet, Lifting, Electric 3524Y16
Latch Assembly, Back Hoe 919 559 00 04
Crosshead 157815-174
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping 1U0307
Block, Swivel 18T10446
Cover, Air 814J11
Mount, Crane Hook 157835-172
Fairlead, Sheave 1124-BS/50106-D10
Connector 26155-056
Link 33402-010
Tooth, Surface Ripping 752409
Fairlead, Sheave 50072-D10
Bucket, Concrete 12Q89
Bucket, Clamshell 12U89
Base Assembly, Outrigger 52706035
Fairlead, Roller 26043
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping A3703-2
Boom, Crane 52707453
Boom, Crane 52706059
Ball 9049688
Tooth 9399143
Bucket, Dragline 9399138
Transducer, Boom, Top Assembly 100722
Base, Mast, Crane 52706039
Pad, Outrigger, Crane 52706417
Leg, Outrigger, Crane 52706419
Housing, Outrigger, Crane 52706420
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping S615008
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping S615009
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping S615010
Fairlead, Sheave 662220036
Tooth, Surface Ripping S615025
Tooth, Surface Ripping 1U1868
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping S615011
Magnet, Lifting, Electric L113707
Fairlead, Sheave 387 5509-819
Fairlead, Sheave 387 5509-813
Fairlead, Sheave 387 5509-807
Fairlead, Sheave 625-6449 PC001
Fairlead, Sheave 387 5509-809
Tooth, Surface Ripping AT53816
Block, Crane 25-00059-026
Catwalk, Pile Driver 13229E5622
Fairlead, Roller 5742
Fairlead, Sheave 3877715-802
Fairlead, Roller 7608
Boom Jib, Crane C5156443
Tooth, Surface Ripping 751500KL
Tooth, Surface Ripping N14174
Roller, Roller Fairlead CRWB75-25 ITEM 56
Tooth, Surface Ripping 006-063
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping 006-062
Boom, Hoist Support 709F4259
Shank, Rooter B3743
Shank, Rooter 1356548

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