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Crane And Crane-shovel Attachments - FSC 3815

Backhoes; Buckets; Dippers; Fairleads; Gantries; Grapples; Lifting Magnets; Shovels; Wrecking Balls.
Last Modified: Oct 21, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Fairlead, Roller 353158
Fairlead, Sheave 356622-1
Roller, Roller Fairlead 10990/01/180-4
Fairlead, Roller 822 902 44
Boom, Crane 1764AS123-1
Roller, Special 6902169
Fairlead, Roller And Sheave 6665642
Roller, Roller Fairlead 6902168
Roller, Roller Fairlead 1723628
Fairlead, Roller And Sheave MD-610-00A
Fairlead, Roller 75287-03P
Roller, Roller Fairlead DC632335770
Fairlead, Sheave DC632335780
Fairlead, Sheave DC632335800
Roller, Roller Fairlead DC632335790
Roller, Roller Fairlead DC632335820
Tooth, Surface Ripping 6Y6335
Assembly, Clamshell 7041000505
Fairlead, Sheave 624968-3
Fairlead, Sheave 624968-6
Backhoe, Excavator 6537850
Tooth, Surface Ripping TX400F
Tooth, Surface Ripping E-129016
Parts Kit, Shovel Bucket C909270
Tooth, Surface Ripping TX400WT
Fairlead, Roller 1177241
Fairlead, Roller 6E0725
Fairlead, Roller 126-5635
Tooth, Surface Ripping TT475
Boom, Crane 2-195-2-10007
Tooth, Surface Ripping AT163560
Tooth, Surface Ripping TX400
Tooth, Surface Ripping AT163538
Tooth, Surface Ripping AT163540
Tooth, Surface Ripping AT163539
Tooth, Surface Ripping AT163542
Tooth, Surface Ripping AT163541
Tooth, Surface Ripping AT163543
Tooth, Surface Ripping AT163544
Tooth, Surface Ripping AT163545
Tooth, Surface Ripping AT163546
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping T153X310
Shank-tooth, Surface Ripping T158X330
Tooth, Surface Ripping EX47TVIP
Tooth, Surface Ripping EX47VIP
Tooth, Surface Ripping TX475AP
Tooth, Surface Ripping TX475
Gantry D677G027
Bucket, Clamshell 9348100486
Boom Section, Inner, Crane 2140900802
Grapple, Scrap Handling 9348100444
Boom Section, Inner, Crane 2140910004,4140900240,7866142140
Boom Extension, Middle, Crane 2140900820
Boom, Hoist Support 2140101033
Parts Kit, Shovel Bucket 9348100497
Boom Section, Outer, Crane 2140101089
Roller, Roller Fairlead 6059000981
Fairlead, Roller 6059001019
Roller, Roller Fairlead 6772000848
Boom, Hoist Support 2140101041
Boom, Crane 2140900803
Grapple, Scrap Handling 2140200788
Clamshell Bucket Assembly 2140200789
Fairlead, Sheave 6718000165
Fairlead, Sheave B54375
Magnet, Lifting, Electric 5115-631-003
Tooth, Surface Ripping 9348100001
Fairlead, Roller And Sheave 303-7301-01
Fairlead, Roller And Sheave 303-7201-01
Tooth, Surface Ripping 6630424
Tooth, Surface Ripping 6667489
Fairlead, Sheave 4894094-003
Crosshead Assembly H623-0503-4
Upper Roll Carrier 387 8318-804
Upper Roll Carrier 387 8318-811
Lower Guide Roll 387 6974-829
Upper Guide Roll 387 6973-831
Lower Roll Carrier 287 5230-806 TA KR-287
Fairlead, Roller 6772000187
Fairlead, Sheave 3883854-801
Magnet, Lifting, Electric PM-102-75
Bucket, Clamshell PD-415.3.2.3
Roller, Roller Fairlead 595-7067876-148
Fairlead, Sheave 287 4026-807
Bucket, Clamshell 6811381
Fastline, Sheave Case Kit 51873
Main Sheave, Sheave Case Kit 51874
Sheave, Retract 7138986
Tip-short 5K2924
Edge, Cutting 8D2786
Guard, Crane Hook 2275690
Fairlead, Roller 596-7409253-A3
Bucket, Clamshell 6807692
Sheave Repair Kit YMD-9019
Sheave Repair Kit YMD-9045
Tooth, Surface Ripping 1358203
Tooth, Surface Ripping 1041495
Roller, Roller Fairlead 3336850
Roller, Roller Fairlead 3336848
Roller, Roller Fairlead 14644

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