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Freight Elevators - FSC 3960

Last Modified: Sep 29, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Photocell Assembly 12002Y
Segment, Contact 140759
Contact, Directional 8291
Contact, Assembled FA1356
Contact, Assembly, Mo 10062
Contact, Correcting 20345K
Carrier, Elevator WC118
Arm, Carrier WC116C
Link, Carrier WC115G
Stud 8-32
Spring 133
Spring 91W1
Spring 90LA4
Shoe Guide 0238
Shield 278AD2
Cup, Leather C127
Cup, Leather FB2001
Cup, Leather FA4809
Cylinder, Relief Valve FA4658
Expander, Cup C126
Door, Elevator Car 9031A
Expander, Cup FA755
Packing FA4431
Spring, Return FA3446
Sleeve, Elevator J1108
Spring, Magnet Lever GSC.508
Coil Assembly, Eleva 9903392-5M00030
Spring Assembly, Ele 0060-2-7K1-27
Headshaft LK2678M45A1
Headshaft LK2678M74A1
Headshaft W230268
Bearing, Roller LK2678M102A2
Seal Assembly LK2678M45A12
Tray Assembly LK2678M43A
Nut, Special LK2678M79A6
Chain Section LK2678X56A1
Chain Section LK2678X91A1
Link, Special LK2678X91A
Yoke, Elevator Z2070
Tray TW0102
Elevator, Portable CB
Link, Master F1309
Lever, Assembly AM630-3B1
Roller, Hanger A6331A2
Roller, Fiber SK746
Roller, Rubber 456AA2
Roller, Carriage DD-692-JM-1931-
Roller, Cam 62438-568
Step Roller Assy AE2727PC186-798T
Step Riser Assy 465D464G01
Shaft Assy, Drive 1917-16-1105
Shaft Assy, Drive 1917-16-1205
Bushing And Washer 201-317PC11T013
Bushing And Washer 201-317PC5-6
Bushing And Washer 201-317PC8
Bearing Assy 66455-44-12-13-1H69SDG52102
Board, Step Tread E2776PC780
Gear Assembly BUS1128
Gear Assembly BUS1129
Liner 120193-100PC6
Piston BUS1012
Piston BUS1022
Piston BUS1109
Roller, Guide BUS1006
Roller, Safety 66455-4P1
Bearing Assembly DE131G10
Rod Scraper 5030-1-3/8
Roller, Elevator 4719-7F1-41
Foot Assy, Elevator A7760
Gib, Nylon M61-22-1
Insulator Finger 19154Z
Coil, Blow Out 23028A
Interlock Assembly 10019
Spring 8447
Rectifier A36213
Lever, Lock 14972
Lever, Lock 14972A
Insulator 18270
Insulator 19154X
Insulator 19268A
Insulator 19275
Stud, Spring 18290
Plate 18698D
Roller 26359
Switch 6522K
Spring 22062
Contact Plate Assem 18698C
Contact Bracket Ass 18695A
Contact Finger Asse 20342A
Relay 106-6522
Coil, Magnet 23023
Pin, Push Button 19369A
Lever Arm, Right Han 18350V
Lever Arm, Left Hand 18350S
Spring 22073
Lead 6862C
Roller Assembly 26376A
Lead 6862K
Lead 6862F
Fixed Finger Assemb 20386B

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