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Freight Elevators - FSC 3960

Last Modified: Feb 25, 2020

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Tube, Insulating 127727
Tube, Insulating 140323
Tube, Insulating 298699
Tube, Insulating 50-14X202-24
Tube, Insulating 10220
Tube, Leveling Unit 26304
Tube, Photo SR50
Tube, Insulating 10223
Tubing, Seamless 811049
Washer, Leather 75989
Washer, Brass X6F2
Washer, Brass 4920A
Washer, Brass 80106
Washer, Brass 805966
Washer, Brass 128AF40
Washer, Cadmium Plat 131BA1
Washer, Cup 50-6X11-3
Washer, Cup 809773
Washer, Felt 20015
Washer, Fiber 810840
Washer, Guard 75984
Washer, Insulated 5573
Washer, Insulated 10014
Washer, Insulated 18193
Washer, Insulated 109205
Washer, Insulated 12564
Washer, Insulated 10758
Washer, Insulated 106574
Washer, Phenolic 129FA1
Washer, Pin 80058
Washer, Relay 16813A
Washer, Insulated 10838
Washer, Shoulder T6-3
Wheel 6212C
Wheel 7018C
Wheel, Controller 7019B
Wheel, Roller T6-1
Worm Wheel T1404-22
Wrench FA514
Yoke, Governor 634
Yoke, Step 95
Yoke 492J2
Shaft, Roller Bearin 05759
Upright, Steel 177926
Contact Finger Asse R7522G1
Support, Contact X24AG4
Arm Assembly, Contac 140335ARMASSY
Armature 140335ARMATURE
Cam Assembly 132548CAMASSY
Coil 132548C0IL
Contact, Electral 12128C0NTACT
Frame 106621FRAME
Holder, Contactal 12143H0LDER
Elevator, Portable B18137
Elevator, Portable 520
Conta T, Switch D200B1
Lamp Assembly T3265G12
Resis Or, Tube, 15 Oh 232E122
Roller And Tire R5079G1R8542G1
Shoe Assembly 166026
Bearing S887866
Bracket, Relay M3456G2
Bracket, Relay M3456G3
Brushes, Regulator X38E4
Contact Assembly R3620G1
Contact M31964
Contact Assembly R7512G2
Contact Assembly T4311G3
Fingers, Contact M3456G1
Lock And Key K5533L
Roller, Door T5409G1
Socket, Lamp K19694
Switch, Emergency R9710G1
Armature, Dumb Waite 138151
Tire, Roller D680H
Yoke, Relay D60G
Blade, Fan S11S2B7
Coil, Stationary 30E3000
Frame, Magnet 181937
Gib, Cast Iron M653-2
Liner, Aluminum 163504
Resistor 20N4
Resistor B748168A
Spring, Centering 757257
Switch R9960G1
Traveler, Indicator J83089
Motor 9004690RK309-4
Couplings, Controlle 6390C0UPLINGS
Inserts, Ple, Iglass 9057-602REVBPC66
Handle Assembly T5239G1
Washer, Cup X6E1
Washer, Leather X6A2
Washer, Leather Spli K35556G1
Button, Black 162016
Button, Black 162016
Button, Black 168528
Button, Black 162016
Button, Black 162016
Button, Black 168528
Button, Black 168528

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