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Freight Elevators - FSC 3960

Last Modified: Sep 23, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Potentiometer 232W1
Rectifier 36213P
Brush Assembly A363G1
Collar And Nut 05873
Clip FA8688
Drive 10946B
Bib 380R1
Bar 28870
Bolt And Safety Pin 05872
Moving Contact Asse 20345A
Conductor 17AHI
Conductor 175J80
Condenser 226H2
Arm Assembly 20762A
Finger 20456
Finger 20456A
Packing 182A3
Block 19496
Insulator 19268
Insulator 19201
Insulator 19487B
Arm 287F4
Arm 14975
Arm 287BA4
Arm 287F8
Holder 0723076
Armature EA4099
Armature B340-1
Armature A282-2
Bearing 05833
Bridge 28763D
Bridge 19351K
Guide 28764B
Motor A6393A54
Motor 11985P19
Motor 058720
Motor 057330
Motor 057320
Motor 058730
Motor A141
Lever 40-289
Ring A20031A
Ring A20031
Roller 30064H
Plate 20326
Lead 18212
Hanger A457W1
Hanger 2679E
Link 28138B
Bracket A18473
Coil 222W10
Coil 222W12
Coil 222G20
Coil 222Z8
Coil 138142
Coil 2145
Coil 222E27
Coil 222CC1
Coil 222KA5
Coil 222CV6
Coil 222CY5
Coil 250-30
Coil 23015W
Coil 23015P
Coil 91-36
Coil EA4091
Coil MC1000
Coil AR7240
Coil AR4840
Coil X19YG1
Coil X19GG6
Coil X19HG3
Coil X19GG1
Coil X19GG2
Coil X19EG19
Coil 36102J
Roller, Elevator 360504-746PC12
Elevator, Portable PRESTO B-552
Guide Shoe, Dumbwait 8302F7
Elevator, Portable 4054
Spring And Bracket 4719-4C2-3
Bushing, Elevator B2226 24
Chain Assembly 108-2921B
Chain Section C2100
Chain, Section C2120
Arm, Carrier C230240
Tray C240241
Arm, Carrier C230242
Tray C231525
Arm, Carrier C231526/
Arm, Carrier E91E32
Shield, Arc 16697
Spring, Rope Shackle 2881-29
Coil 15660
Coil 16272
Coil 15963
Roller, Contact, Swit 6888
Sheave, Assembly, Nyl 16847C
Spring, Brake, Machin 127
Spring, Centering, Sw 2964A

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