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Freight Elevators - FSC 3960

Last Modified: Feb 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Spring, Governor 1266582
Springs 8447B
Stud 6832I
Timer, Relay Assembl C36202N
Tire, Roller, Switch, 4863
Trip EA1735
Trip, False DA1504
Washer, Insulating 6290C
Bracket And Core, As 28842E
Bridge, Contact 28763E
Bumper, Rubber, Stand 3-4IN
Bumper, Rubber, Stand 1-4IN
Clutch, Door Assembl B26472RH
Coil, Brake, Machine 26168
Coil, Clutch, Magnet 23031
Coil, Contact, Relay, 22D13G20
Coil, Control 23015FTYPEE20
Coil, F2 23036A
Coil, K2 36271A
Coil, Magnet Assembl 10100ATYPEB
Coil, Magnet, Dc 36102AT25
Coil, Starting Panel 23036TYPEF1
Coil, Relay, Time 3020828TYPE609
Coil, T15 36102
Coil, T90 36102B
Coil 23015AA323
Coil 23015ABE26T
Coil 23015ABE11
Coil 23015BE26
Coil 23015CE46
Spring, Lower Contac 8812
Finger Assembly, Con 146088
Contact 120912
Bushing 111043
Contact, Bushing 104385
Tube, Collar Magnet 19235
Spring, Coil GA29402
Racer, Ball GA2820
Lever, Locking 17832
Bushing 18045
Holder, Copper Conta 9GA1659
Contact 1191TYPEB
Contact 1413
Contact, Copper 1561
Contact, Copper 1560
Contact, Copper 1555GA16593
Handle, Car Switch 144950
Switch, Contact 185912TYPEG
Spring, Returning 806916
Spring, Centering 809859
Pin, B, Switch Arm 812202
Plley, Assembly, Oper 11187HTYPERB
Cam, Angle, Metal C2947
Contact, Au, Iliary GECR2820B130AA
Finger, N, O 34
Gibs, Guide, Shoe, Bro K559
Glass, Car Box Disc 8296
Roller And Cam Shaf GALL5697B13
Roller, Hanger, Fiber 3 1-4INASSEMBLY
Spring, Friction Stu FA1003
Contact, Switch, Dire 3895W
Contact, Upper Assem 19269B
Differential Assemb 30003
Gib, Shoe Guide, Coun 5402
Handle, Switch, Car PLASTICHANDLE
Lead, Fle, Ible 23033D
Photocell, Assembly 30043K
Contact, Door Assemb 18767A
Contact, Relay, Movin 10062P
Contact, Lower Asemb 19274A
Contact, Moving 20345S
Contact 17548R
Contact, No, Ide 21003
Contact, Silver Tip 20429A
Contact, Stationary 20310A
Contact, Switch, Dire 18249
Contact, Switch, Dyna 223
Plate, Carriage 19541
Bar 10474
Spring 293342
Spring 2412603
Lining, Bearing P1667564PL
Plate, Contact 3805658G3
Lining, Bearing P1622421PL
Lining, Bearing P1197316PL
Lining, Bearing P1667565PL
Holder, Brush, Comple 1269M01
Contact Assembly TYPEAUNIT
Bumper, Door, Rubber 1 3-8INLG
Seat 851290
Tip, Contact 2457351
Tip, Contact 2457337
Tip, Contact K2840261-3
Tip, Contact 545A210T1
Tip, Contact 1416332
Tip, Contact 4901608G2
Support, Contact 5304796
Spring 189703
Spring And Eyelet A FA6632ANDFA6633
Shoe, Counterweight 8530

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