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Freight Elevators - FSC 3960

Last Modified: Jul 10, 2020

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Elevator, Freight 1363-1
Converson Kit, Eleva WXC-394
Jam Limit Assembly, WXE-321
Roller, Elevator 300157-1
Control, Master, Elevator PL1350 ITEM 36
Controller Assembly, Elevator PL1350 ITEM 41
Lock, Door, Elevator PL1350 ITEM 51
Roller, Guide, Elevator J13501024-1
Roller, Guide, Elevator PL13501000 ITEM 83
Take-up Assembly LK2948B21A
Control, Station, Elevator PL13501000 ITEM 68
Sprocket, Jack Shaft WSC231
Elevator, Portable R-TBD-527
Track Plate, Tail Ca WTE422B
Chain And Link, Driv ASA120
Head Unit Assembly LK2948A11A1A12A
Tail Sprocket Assy LK2948-A12B10 AND B11
Elevator, Portable ST-19-M1
Ramp Assembly 12111306-9
Sheave Assembly 12111203-9
Tie Block 7K0103
Elevator, Freight 4147
Machinery Package 13501200-1
Platform Structure PL13501000 ITEM 1
Static Switch Vane 11441700-3
Plunger Assembly, Sp H200842A001 ITEM 14
Roller Assembly, Ele C200841G001
Safety Device Assem D200841K001
Guide, Shoe, Lower 11451000
Guard, Portable D201041D002
Bumper Assembly, Spring C530201
Roller Assembly, Gui H200845A001 ITEM 15
Sheave Assembly, Def D200661L001
Roller Assembly, Saf H200845A001 ITEM 6
Slack Cable Device D200845A001 ITEM 11
Guide Shoe Assembly EA18306 W/MOD EM00100
Plunger Assembly, Sp H200611J001
Sheave Assembly H200845A001 ITEM 3
Bar, Locking, 2 Way H200845A001 ITEM 18
Adjuster, Spring Bal 11441400
Guard Assembly E20056E001
Slack Cable Device D200842S001
Comparator, Volt 12111404-9
Slack Cable Device D4481X9
Elevator, Portable 77C718692P002
Cylinder, Actuating, Linear SL MS2
Link, Special D1105 PIECE 12
Sleeve, Bearing D4481X9-16
Elevator, Portable EU-16M
Speed Control Silencer 1319 ITEM 116 MM 004A
Closer, Reel Type 101
Block, Mounting WC-419-A
Enter Lock Assembly 12111310
Block, Mounting WC-419-R
Load, Unload Device LBO127-1
Take-up Assembll LB-0108
Cylinder B200845B074
Track Plate, Cam 3910012223187
Track Plate, Cam WT-129-Y
Track Plate, Cam T-240-1271
Interlock Assembly 9K0161
Track Plate, Cam T-240-127L
Elevator, Portable A-350W
Wheel, Durocast 1915617-16
Axle, Wheel 1915617-4
Hydronic Master Uni E20029J001-1M2
Elevator, Portable 500004-100-S001
Bumper, Dumbwaiter 12101040-9
Ball, Shaft Actuator 12102004-1
Channel, Support Car 12101002-9
Elevator, Portable M266PRD-01
Roller, Rope Sensing 12102102-1
Elevator, Freight 1434-1
Elevator, Freight 1000 LB
Ring Scraper 4777-N-28000-845
Cam, Elevator 25078
Roller, Knurled 300157-3
Governor Assembly 300078-1
Platform, Load 6423
Elevator, Portable M-9.5C
Elevator, Freight 1472-4
Trigger Mechanism 991011-29
Housing Knurled Roller 12441201-109
Rod, Actuator 12441201-129
Arm, Actuator Rod 12441201-119
Arm Governor 12441201-139
Elevator, Portable 654E7608-1
Housing, Knurled Roller 12471201-109
Arm, Governor 12471201-139
Elevator, Freight PF43100
Dumb Waiter PF43100
Elevator, Portable PSL-18P/PDC
Elevator, Portable 8
Control, Motor Conso 14751205-1
Control Assembly, Mo 14751206-1
Control Station, Ele 14551107-3
Level Control Station, Elevator 14561107
Control Unit, Elevat 14571107-2
Control Station, Ele 14571107-3
Control Unit 14571107-5

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