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Freight Elevators - FSC 3960

Last Modified: Mar 26, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bushing K4059-1
Button A323AF4REVU
Button A323AF4REVD
Coil K5802G2
Coil X19CG2
Coil X19BBGR10
Coil X19BBGR11
Coil 222DB1
Coil 222DB2
Coil 222CZ1
Coil 222CK1
Coil 222CV1
Coil X19EG20
Coil 883537A
Coil 280266
Coil X19VG2
Coil X19DG2
Coil 783144
Coil X19FG2
Coil X19BG4
Coil X19GG3
Coil X19BG8
Coil X19BG11
Coil X19BG14
Coil K19BBG1
Coil X19DG1
Coil X19EG2
Coil X19EG5
Connector 176XA12
Contact Bridge Asse R8585G3
Connector 176KA9
Conductor 175J9
Conductor 175AN1
Conductor 176KA10
Contact R7512G1
Contact 897833
Contact T5401-10
Contact T3600-10
Contact K3247-1
Contact K179-1
Contact T3594G
Contact M3466G1
Contact T453G8
Contact T4893-5
Contact K1809G1
Contact K180G5
Contact Assembly R7483G2
Contact Assembly R7518G1
Contact Assembly T5238G1
Contact Assembly T5238G2
Contact Assembly R3685G2
Contact Assembly T453G4
Contact And Holder M1230G7
Contact And Holder P441-4
Contact And Stud T5401-11
Contact And Stud T3600-11
Contact Bridge R6952-10
Contact Bridge M3455-1
Contact And Shunt 884568
Contact Spring X9B11
Core P67
Coupling M4172-2
Fan Switch R9494-1
Fingerboard R5088-2
Fingerboard Assembl P1144-3
Grid Assembly T6283G6
Handle Assembly 5239G1
Hanger Assembly T4927G1
Jewl, Red 499Z8
Latch Assembly T4585G8
Latch Assembly T4255G14
Latch Assembly T4255G12
Latch Bar M3459-1
Latch Spring 2144-1
Lock Switch R8555G2
Motor 1178570
Motor 1171678
Motor 773619
Motor 1178592
Motor M3391G3
Pin And Lock Assemb M3460G3
Relay R9026G3
Relay T5448-444
Relay T5448-566
Relay T5448-555
Relay P1143G11
Relay K4290G1
Relay T4240G1
Roller And Bearing 9291G1
Roller And Bearing M5594G4
Roller And Bearing M5594G2
Segment M588-18
Segment M588-20
Segment K302-1
Shunt And Terminal X22BG2
Spring X9B19
Spring 90VA16
Spring 90KB14
Spring X9V1
Spring X9A4

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