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Freight Elevators - FSC 3960

Last Modified: Oct 01, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Spring X9B5
Spring T3600-18
Spring X9H22
Spring 90YA25
Spring M3726-1
Spring 90EB5
Spring 9014A
Switch M3196G1
Switch R9711G1
Sprocket X37D1
Tube X14D4
Washer 133A6
Washer X6H2
Washer X6A5
Washer X6E16
Washer X6E4
Washer X6D2
Coil X19EG15
Contact Assembly P501G4
Fingerboard Relay R5088-3
Armature M5015G1
Armature M4983G1
Armature Assembly T414G1
Bearing 1030912
Bearing 1127781
Bridge Assembly K4277G1
Button K4912-1
Cam R7518G4
Coil X19EG21
Coil X19EG30
Coil K6738G1
Coil 19BG1
Condenser K3412-1
Contact 884595
Contact Assembly 897832
Coupling 486956-1
Gong M4430G1
Capacitor K4863-1
Fingerboard R5088-1
Insulating Block K4469-1
Insulating Block T1085-1
Insulator R7492-4
Motor K243-2
Pin 46211
Pin X12R1
Pin X12R2
Pin K2010-1
Plunger K6200G1
Rectifier M5335-1
Relay H3088G2
Relay T5448-404
Relay T5448-525
Relay T5448-666
Relay T5448-244
Relay T5448-546
Relay T5448-111
Relay T5448-411
Relay T5448-644
Relay T5448-544
Relay T5448-565
Relay T5448-222
Relay T5448-522
Relay T5448-355
Relay T5448-333
Relay M4237G1
Resister K4519-1
Resister, Variable K3157-3
Ring 1127278
Screw K3809-1
Seat, Spring 559576
Selector, Cable P1830
Sheave R7996G1
Spring X9F8
Spring X9G1
Spring CR9
Support, Contact X24AG6
Support, Contact X24BG2
Tip, Contact M1230G20
Tube Assembly T337G11
Washer X6A1-2
Washer K3556G1
Heater 474436
Coil 13467
Arm 124136-589SW1
Arm, Adjustable UB17A
Arm, Au, Iliary Conta 103861
Arm, Making, Right Ha 127921
Arm, Making And Brea 127917
Arm, Back Contact 102189
Arm, Making And Brea 132003
Arm, Contact 5724
Arm, Contact 2433883
Arm, Contact 142028
Arm, Contact 150389
Arm, Breaking 124136
Arm, Breaking 124798
Arm, Contact 181782
Arm, Contact, Left Ha 124845
Arm, Contact, Right H 124846

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