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Freight Elevators - FSC 3960

Last Modified: Aug 15, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Connector 175C1
Connector 127328
Connector, Contact 177947
Connector, Copper 176BH1
Connector, Copper 176AA1
Connector, Double 104149
Contact, Electrical 1335
Contact, Electrical 1666
Contact, Electrical 1667
Bearing, Door Closer NEWDEPARTURE3117
Brush, Contact 4SW1
Brush, Generator HM
Coil, Field 612177
Coil, Field 894099
Coil 142773
Brush Assy, Outer Tr M3105G1
Brush Assy, Outer Tr R6131G3
Bushing K1829-1
Button, Emergency St K4514-1
Coil L284819
Coil 669037
Coil 460717
Coil X19G2
Coil S460712
Coil 776108X19
Coil, Brake M1663G6
Collar, Retaining K1416-1
Combplate, Left Hand R8911G1
Combplate, Right Han R8911-2
Combplate R8911-1
Contact, Door TYPEHGL
Contact, Finger K427G1
Contact, Finger And M1230G4-4
Contact, Finger And M1230G5-6
Contact, Finger And M1230G6-6
Contact, Finger And M1230G15
Contact, Finger And K180-05
Contact, Finger And T3594G8
Contact, Moving 809575
Contact, Moving K1028G1
Contact, Post K1032G1
Contact, Stationary 809572
Contact, Stationary P519GL
Contact, Stationary 809574
Contact And Holder T3594G10
Contact And Holder M1230G2
Contact, Assembly Br P966G6
Contact Assy, Moving K1578G1
Contact Station 705232
Contactor, Magnetic 459373
Contactor, Magnetic 459374
Frame, Stationary M384G1
Gasket, Cork R5027-2
Grease, Pressure WECC022
Guide, Tangential, Le T3607G2
Guide, Tangential, Ri R3607G1
Heater, Terminal 760593
Interlock, Mechanica 579374
Interlock, Electrica 406916
Lock And Key Set K3387-1
Lock Unit Assembly K4513G1
Mounting Block K545-2
Nut K1472-1
Nut, Adjusting R5087-6
Nut, A, Le K1472
Oil, Bearing WECC02
Oil, Worm Gear WECC08
Packingshaft M3427-2
Pin, Brush K4661-1
Relay R6262-1
Relay, Grid 474432
Relay, Time Limit S918180
Relay, Time Limit P1143G12
Resistor, Grid 193236
Ring, Truarc X6Z8
Ring, Truarc X6Z10
Riser, Stop R4534-2
Riser, Support T3358-1
Rivet T3387-5
Rivet T3566-5
Roller, Support 18B10
Roller Assy, Guide, L R4675G3
Roller Assy, Guide, R R4675G1
Roller And Bearing R8881G5
Screw K1417-1
Screw, Contact P966G9
Screw, Contact P1144G1
Seal Ring R7311-19
Shaft R8886G2
Spring 50-9X10-17
Spring 50-9X11-3
Spring, Armature 595880
Spring, Push Button 593062
Spring, Steps T3361G1
Step Assembly U14G1
Strap And Contact A P1143G9
Support K331-1
Switch, Button T5281G2
Tread, Step T5488-1
Tread, Step T5493-1

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