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Refrigeration Equipment - FSC 4110

Grocery Type Display Cases; Ice Cream Cabinets; Drinking Fountains (except Portable And Stationary Types Classified In Class 4510); Professional And Scientific Refrigerators; Rivet Coolers; Photographic Refrigerators; Mortuary Refrigerators; Household And Commercial Refrigerators; Grocery Type Showcases; And Other Types Of Refrigeration Equipment Of The Commissary Or Food Store Type.
Last Modified: Aug 25, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Container, Insulated 50149-121
Refrigerator-freezer, Explosion-p 13-986-116
Refrigerator-freezer, Explosion-p 13-986-525D
Cold Packs, Vaxicool System 02-1524
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Bacterio 00-005-NAV
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical 47012020
Refrigerator, Solid State, Biologi 3881
Ice Cream Maker, Soft Serve, Mecha 180962F
Ice Making Machine, Flake MDT6N90W-1A
Refrigerator, Cold Pack Therapy 3546V
Refrigerator, Undercounter MV4-6UCR
Refrigerator, Portable, With Recor M-50TR
Ice Making Machine, Cube ICE1005-FA/B80PS
Freezer, Mechanical, Food NAV-15-LT-B (R404A)
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food 50640
Freezer, Laboratory EF-23-0378A
Ice Making Machine, Cube MDT 5N 40A-1AG-R404A
Refrigerator, Solid State, Biologi 03-0365
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food R4-2M-SNM-MLR
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food 50487
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food 50486
Refrigeration Unit 56261
Refrigerator, Blood Cooling And S 03-0567
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Biologic REB2304A
Freezer, Mechanical, Food TECH MANUAL F50-2M-SN
Ice Cream Maker, Soft Serve, Mecha A4141N
Icezmachinezcubezzz CME 255-AS-1A-R404A
Freezer, Upright 4110NCM030702
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food R75-2M-SNM-MLR R404A
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food UCF 20-2M-SNM-MLR-R404A
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food R41-2M-SNM-MLR R404A
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Biologic BBR37
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical SRB-57-NSU, R134A
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, R10F10-2M-2N-
Ice Making Machine, Flake MDT3F12-1AG
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food RTF104-HT-T-PT
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food NAV-60-THW R-134A
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food NAV-60-MTH R-134A
Ice Making Machine, Flake MDT4F12-1A
Ice Making Machine, Tube MDT5N40AS-1A
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food UCR15-2M-SNM-MLR R404A
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food TUC-27
Ice Making Machine, Flake MDT6N90AS-1A
Refrigerator, Medical 085006
Refrigerator, Solid State, Biologi BBR25SS-1B
Condensing Unit For Refrigerator AK4440YA
Fan Motor For Mechanical Refrige MTR027
Cooler Unit For Mechanical Refri COL112
Compressor, Motor For Refrigerato RSK2068
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, R16F8-2M-SN-MLR
Freezer, Mechanical, Food NAV-50-LT-B
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food RM2193
Refrigerator, Laboraatory 590006A0180
Refrigerator 4110NCM031153
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, R6F3-2M-SNL-MLR R404A
Freezer, Mechanical, Food F41-2M-SNE (R22)
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food R41-2M-SNL-MLR R404A
Refrigerator, Prefabricated 1298-00-D

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