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Refrigeration Equipment - FSC 4110

Grocery Type Display Cases; Ice Cream Cabinets; Drinking Fountains (except Portable And Stationary Types Classified In Class 4510); Professional And Scientific Refrigerators; Rivet Coolers; Photographic Refrigerators; Mortuary Refrigerators; Household And Commercial Refrigerators; Grocery Type Showcases; And Other Types Of Refrigeration Equipment Of The Commissary Or Food Store Type.
Last Modified: Aug 18, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food AA-R-200
Chest, Dry Ice Storage 301
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, FT-1W-TR
Cooling Unit, Water CF50
Freezer, Mechanical, Food ULT-695
Ice Making Machine, Flake S7L10-449-4
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, TBF-16AV
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical BSC-100 TOP MTD
Refrigerator, Prefabricated SR165-C135-501
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, 5-4151
Freezer, Mechanical, Food CF2537
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, NT1637
Freezer, Mechanical, Food VF412
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Bacterio 199-737
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, 2-M-229
Ice Cream Maker, Soft Serve, Mecha 741M
Ice Cream Maker, Soft Serve, Mecha 777MOD440-60-3TYPE1
Chest, Ice Storage 5-13-2544G1
Floor Board, Ice Chest 5-13-2544P14
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, TBF-21D
Devider Assembly, Ice Chest 5-13-2545G2
Lid Assembly, Ice Chest 5-13-2545G1
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical PCC-13A-3
Ice Making Machine, Cube DGSC-88-06 TYII SZ11 GRB
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Biologic 3554-25
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, GETT14GT
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, TBF-16ST
Cooling Unit, Portable PCC-24SSA-3
Cooling Unit, Portable PCC-34C
Cooling Unit, Portable PCC-13SSA-3
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, FT-2-TR
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, 3551
Cooling Unit PCC-10A
Cooling Unit PC24A-3
Cooler, Water-air 244F2
Freezer, Mechanical, Food FT-1-TF
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, FT-1-BR
Freezer, Mechanical, Food FT-2-TF
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, FT-3-TR
Refrigerator-frozen Food Cabinet FT-1/1-TC
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical WHR 18 U
Ice Making Machine, Flake SF2WSHSS-1
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Biologic ULT 385
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, SKT-17
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, UC-26-R
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, SKT-56
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical 21014460-102
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical FC100A0
Freezer, Prefabricated MIL-R-43900
Unit, Air Purge, Refr 67-61570
Control, Low Tempera 25-13228
Oil Filter 026-15749
Thermostat, Oil Temp 25-10925
Control, Low Water T 25-13229
Freezer, Mechanical, Food F23C
Refrigerator, Prefabricated MIL-R-43900
Freezer, Mechanical, Food 13-990-16
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, 31227
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, 3559-10
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Biologic FT-2-TR(BIO)
Cooling Unit, Water CF75
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, AR-123-BC
Ice Making Machine, Flake 7916242-1
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Biologic 805480
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, BFIS-1D-S3
Ice Making Machine, Cube AC12-1A
Chiller, Liquid, Reciprocating CGAA5006-EA-LA
Freezer, Mechanical, Food F53C
Cooling Chamber MC-2-60-BP
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Blood Ba CT-1 WITH 8ER-1B
Ice Making Machine, Cube SCS-45A
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, GH-45-T
Ice Making Machine, Cube 450(115V)
Bin, Ice Storage 4000
Refrigerator Unit, P 1267673
Camlock Assembly 90021
Refrigerator, Prefabricated RC4M
Shell, Purger 26-10928B
Freezer, Mechanical, Food ULT 2235A
Icemaker-dispenser MIL-I-43682
Dispenser, Ice, Manual Fill ICE DISPENSER
Freezer, Mechanical, Food ULT-1145-A
Cooler, Recirculating RC-14
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food AA-150-WPR
Ice Making Machine, Flake 7916242-2
Ice Cream Maker, Soft Serve, Mecha MIL-I-43705
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food F4CSS-TS
Refrigerator, Meat T SS5P-SCTHAW
Freezer, Mechanical, Food STSS-20-FS
Support, Shelf 60
Refrigerator, Undercounter R-6
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food MIL-R-21098
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food MIL-R-21098
Stand, Storage, Refrigerated USN-2-5-MCS
Freezer, Mechanical, Food MIL-R-21098
Freezer, Mechanical, Food USN-10-LS
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food MIL-R-21098
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food MIL-R-21098
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food MIL-R-21098
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, MIL-R-21098

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