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Refrigeration Equipment - FSC 4110

Grocery Type Display Cases; Ice Cream Cabinets; Drinking Fountains (except Portable And Stationary Types Classified In Class 4510); Professional And Scientific Refrigerators; Rivet Coolers; Photographic Refrigerators; Mortuary Refrigerators; Household And Commercial Refrigerators; Grocery Type Showcases; And Other Types Of Refrigeration Equipment Of The Commissary Or Food Store Type.
Last Modified: Aug 20, 2019

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, SBRF-1-15
Icemaker-dispenser SID650A/80S-N
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, SBRF-1-20
Ice Making Machine, Cube MIL-I-11867
Shelf, Pilaster SP-135-3
Freezer, Mechanical, Blood Product MBF-500 W/PROVISIONING
Refrigerator, Solid State, Biologi 6-0070P
Bonnet 3213-646
Ice Making Machine, Cube C40FWS/B40S
Retainer, Trim, Door 655450
Defrost Pan, Refrigerator 3472
Parts Kit, Dispenser, Drinking Wat F-501
Refrigerator, Prefabricated TKR1200C
Dryer 991002
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food SBR-2-20
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Blood Ba MODEL CT1-1B
Freezer, Mechanical, Food 10111675-101
Control, Bin, Ice Mac 11-0407-21
Ice Making Machine, Cube AC30SWE-1B
Ice Making Machine, Cube AC30SAE-1B
Fan-motor Assembly 993600
Separator, Oil And Refrigerant 993307
Freezer, Mechanical, Food PR100-5
Stand, Storage, Refrigerated ERM-2-1368
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, SD7Y-F
Freezer, Mechanical, Food DL183014GS-20 WR
Ice Making Machine, Cube MCC700-A
Refrigerator, Prefabricated TKR600C
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, MLH-17-20-AD-U(MOD)
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food B26-5709
Refrigerator, Mortuary 2180
Dispenser, Drinking Water, Mechani VDP13N
Cuber Assembly GTT-1231
Evaporator, Channel MGT-00286
Ice Making Machine, Cube MGT301AC-200
Module, Control Asse GBB-03135
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food REF150
Ice Making Machine, Cube MCC500/X-3/T-4 TOP/B-400NAVY
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food SBR-1-10
Ice Making Machine, Cube MIL-I-11867
Mount 99-2343
Ice Making Machine, Cube MGT-401WHK-2
Dispenser Assembly, 306-140
Audible Assembly, Temperature Mon MOD-D0006
Plug, Calibration, Blood Bank Refr 306363H01
Switch, Power 306733H01
Dispenser, Drinking Water, Mechani FCNE-88-460
Overload, Condensing Unit RSK4002
Monitor, Temperature-power DTPM1000-1B
Icemaker-dispenser MIL-I-43682
Cable Assembly, Temperature Senso MOD-D0009
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, MIL-R-21098
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Blood Ba CT-1
Refrigerator, Solid State, Biologi 20140-23
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food MTH-1-U
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, USNCTN4
Refrigerator, Solid State, Biologi RCB42P
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Blood Ba BBR37-SS-1B
Icemaker-dispenser ND650AS-1A 115V
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food UC 5
Washing Bottle Asse 555-01002
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, MLH-1010-AD-U-MOD
Inserticedrawer 3585SP
Bin, Ice Storage EB90
Ice Cream Maker, Soft Serve, Mecha A4243E
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, 6CRF
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, MIL-R-21098
Ensemble Refrigerat PLAN BREST R 15230
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Blood Ba FT-2-TRGBLB W/O PROVISIONING
Door Service Assembly 42240586
Freezer Door Service Assembly 42240576
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, Q2
Cord, Power, Service Assembly 42241279
Thermostat Service Assembly 42240589
Safety Strap Assembly 42140090
Starter, Ptc Service Assembly 42241284
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical 255-2
Ptc Starter, Refrigerator 204C 13000
Bin, Ice Machine BH800S-C
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, 6CRF-R-W
Freezer, Mechanical, Food MIL-R-21098
Refrigerator, Prefabricated
Refrigerator, Prefabricated REF 1200
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Blood Ba BBR37-SS-1B-03
Freezer, Mechanical, Food F30-2M-SN (404A)
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food 6CAR
Drive Beater 13634
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food 97-950
Gasket Kit, Freezer Chest, Blood B KIT-GSK26
Cylinder, Refrigerant Gas RFR0502
Cylinder, Refrigerant Gas RFR0503
Freezer, Mechanical, Blood Plasma MBF-700
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical V-6-HH
Dispenser, Drinking Water, Mechani WM-8A-2
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical ER-4-1368HNM
Pressure Control, Freezer, Mcehani S75462H01
Contractor, Freezer, Mechanical M75483H01
Refrigerator, Prefabricated REF6000
Icemaker-dispenser ND550AS-1B
Scrapper, Ice Cream 013689

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