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Refrigeration Equipment - FSC 4110

Grocery Type Display Cases; Ice Cream Cabinets; Drinking Fountains (except Portable And Stationary Types Classified In Class 4510); Professional And Scientific Refrigerators; Rivet Coolers; Photographic Refrigerators; Mortuary Refrigerators; Household And Commercial Refrigerators; Grocery Type Showcases; And Other Types Of Refrigeration Equipment Of The Commissary Or Food Store Type.
Last Modified: Feb 27, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Panel, Refrigerator 5-13-2660
Panel Assembly Door 90106C
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, R10F10-2M-ADS
Dispenser, Ice M-150
Dispenser, Ice M-200
Pan, Drain, Evaporato 102110001
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Bacterio ULT-1786-5V
Refrigerator, Prefabricated 3H1010-EDR-FBHL
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food R10-2M-SN
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, MS2-2M-SN
Freezer, Mechanical, Food UCF10-2M-SN-MLR
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, R20F20-2M-SN-MLR R404A
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, R14F6-2M-SN-MLR
Freezer, Mechanical, Food F50-2M-SN-MLR R 404A
Freezer, Mechanical, Food F30-2M-SN-MLR
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food R20-2M-SN-MLR R404A
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food R10-2M-SN-MLR
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food UCR-5-2M-SNM-MLR (R404A)
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food UCR10-2M-SNM-MLR (R404A)
Icemaker-dispenser IMD600-90W-R404A
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food UCR20-2M-SNM-MLR (R404A)
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, R17F13-2M-ADS
Ice Cream Maker, Soft Serve, Mecha X30922
Ice Cream Maker, Soft Serve, Mecha 030965
Ice Making Machine, Cube NME650AS-1B-R-404A
Freezer, Mechanical, Food UCF10-2M-SNM-MLR (R404A)
Beater Assembly X46233
Arm X15332
Blade-scraper 046237
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food FREEZER
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food R17F13-2M-SN-MLR (404A)
Refrigerator, Solid State, Biologi 98-0204
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food NAV-20-HT-CT R134A
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food 78-134
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food R30-2M-SN-MLR (404A)
Chest, Ice Storage A-A-52218
Frozen Med Prod Sys 404-UAF-161
Chest, Ice Storage A-A-52218
Chest, Ice Storage AA52218-II1
Chest, Ice Storage AA52218-II2
Tray, Ice Cube, Refrigerator 023316
Tray, Ice Cube, Refrigerator X31602
Ice Making Machine, Cube WCC-500AS-NSU(115V)
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical F41-2M-SN-MLR (R404A)
Cooler-heater, Water BB67V2
Ice Making Machine, Flake TDE470AE-1A
Ice Cream Maker, Soft Serve, Mecha 772-460-60-3
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, R13F17-2M-SN-MLR (R134A)
Laboratory Freezer IUF1805
Ice Making Machine, Cube IMD300-30A/115VAC R404A
Dispenser, Ice M-200-PLICE-V2
Repair Parts-accessories-tools K X46015-SER
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food R20-2M-S
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food UCR10-2M-SN R22
Freezer, Mechanical, Food 78765-15
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food RU4
Freezer, Mechanical, Food UCF20-2M-SN R404A
Thermostat T6031A-1029
Control, Low Pressur 2193927
Dryer Filter 3516101
Freezer, Mechanical, Ultra Low Tem 98-0623
Rack, Inventory, Ultra Low Tempera 11-678-28A
Rack, Inventory, Ultra Low Tempera 11-678-28B
Freezer, Mechanical, Blood Plasma LL-H444119
Repair Parts-accessories-tools K 1051026-01
Frozen, Food Cab NAV-10-LT-CTMC R-404A
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Bacterio ERB-20-0368A
Frozen, Food Cab NAV-20-LT-CT-BMC R-404A
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food NAV-30-HT-BMC R-134A
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food NAV-65-HT-B-MC R-134A
Alarm, Temperature REPAIR PART
Kit, Ice Deflector 1051026-03
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food NAV-20-HT-B-PT-BMC R-134A
Pilaster 0065
Shelf Refrigerator SEW17AX823B
Shelf Refrigerator SEW21X23B
Overload, Condensing RWOVL03
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, R10-2M-SNL-MLR R404A
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, R18-2M-SNL-MLR R404A
Freezer, Mechanical, Food F4-2M-SNL-MLR R404A
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, UCR5-2M-SNL-MLR R404A
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food NAV-50-HT-BMC R -134A
Latch, Refrigerator LL-H506-799
Heater, Refrigerator LL-H506-800
Breaker Strip LL-H506-801
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food R20-2M-SNMPT-MLR R134A
Freezer, Mechanical, Food NAV-75-LT-BMC ( R404A)
Panel, Wall 90113C
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, R10F10-2M-SNL-MLR R440A
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, E10-19734-1
Freezer, Mechanical, Food CH-4-IC
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food THR30-2M-SN-MLR (134A)
Refrigeration Unit, Mechanical 2215061-005
Freezer, Mechanical, Food F26-2M-SN-MLR R 404A
Repair Kit, Wtr Glas 6380-09376-001
Freezer, Mechanical, Food F75-2M-SN-MLR R404A
Refrigerator-freezer, Mechanical, R50-2M-SN-MLR R404A
Refrigerator, Mechanical, Food THW60-2M-SN-MLR R404A
Freezer, Mechanical, Food FREEZER
Freezer, Mechanical, Food R18-2M-SN-MLR R404A

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