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Firefighting Equipment - FSC 4210

Fire Extinguishers; Fire Axes; Fire Rakes; Fire Beaters; Fire Trucks; Fire Hose; Play Pipes; Hose Fittings Having One Or More Fire Hose End Connections; Fire Hose Reels; Fire Fighting Trailers; Fire Hydrants; Sprinkler Heads.
Last Modified: Sep 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cylinder Assembly, Liquid 11680
Cylinder Assembly, Liquid 11205
Nozzle, Fire Hose L205B
Tube Assembly, Pick-up S9300-3154265
Retainer, Cable, Fire Extinguisher 2624292
Nozzle Assembly 12527
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher 1640793
Fire Fighting Packa PC120167
Plug And Angle Brackets 03C67-7
Link, Fusible, Fire D 96 1-2F2G982B
Holder, Ax Handle 54-03946
Throttle Vernier 3V700ACSN126-132
Door Assembly 24-09119
Door Assembly 24-09120
Hood, Bumper Turret Nozzle Deflec S7134
Window Assembly, Rear 24-09185
Door Assembly 24-09088
Valve, Apparatus 532423
Head, Sprinkler, Fire Protection, F MIL-H-24146
Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic 2468703PC1
Nozzle, Fire Hose NPU
Valve-main, Relief 50114
Plate, Turret Drive 11-02592
Housing, Spring, Reli 21267
Plate, Driving 801E343
Handle, Control Valve 11-03054
Handle, Turret Valve 11-03183
Spacer, Valve S2745
Control Assembly, Roof Turret S3347
Extension Assembly, Handline 801E1179
Strainer And Valve Assembly 5959217
Reel Assembly, Fire Hose 51-01313
Rack, Fire Hose 51-01314
Nozzle, Foam And Water S8430
Control Assembly, Valve PM404C
Valve Assembly, Transfer 538-0230-08
Nozzle, Fire Hose 812E5330
Body, Fire Hose Valve V0A296
Disc, Nozzle 14812
Gland, Packing, Pump FG57
Cable, Fire Protection PHSC
Rack, Fire Hose 413188
Stem, Seat Assembly A20-4-50
Screen Assembly, Fog Foam SA2498
Seat, Nozzle Ball 20-00155
Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic, Fire F 563-4801-932525A
Nozzle Assembly, Dry Chemical 2-037-0066-1
Twin Nozzle Assembly 25494
Link, Fusible, Fire 9968711
Extinguisher, Fire 870904
Belt Assembly, Rescue, Crash LNCRTB010
Rack, Fire Hose F22-24-22
Strainer, Fire Hose 812E2649
Roller, Hose Reel 10F11
Valve Assembly, Foam Liquid Meter 800E1230
Tube Assembly, Gas, Rubber Sleeved 25528
Extinguisher, Fire MIL-SK-150 W/HBDK
Head, Sprinkler, Fire Protection 101567
Nozzle Assembly, Fire Extenguishe 924228
Tip, Nozzle, Fire Hose 25147
Nozzle Tie Bar 25502
Adapter, Filling, Fire Extinguishe D7686-1PC3
Cock, Four Way 3451FPC51T070
Seat, Ball S1506
Handle, Roof Turret Inside Contro 11-03226
Shaft, Handle, Value, 22-00160
Reducer, Hose, Fire Fighting 6511-6003
Head, Sprinkler, Fire Protection 160
Nozzle, Missile Boos 1385918PC15TO20
Piston Assembly, Act 411600
Tube Assembly, Carbu C4P1297-2
Coupling, Hose, Fire Fighting 0337-00-0-1-01-001
Coupling, Hose, Fire Fighting 0337-00-0-1-01-002
Contact, Cam Operate TET
Contact, Bank Assy, L R0R
Recharge Package 800341
Firee, Tinguisher 891083
Nozzle Sub Assembly 10014
Tube Assembly, Test C3515
Nozzle, Fire Hose 0006040
Seal, L S6496
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher 10866812
Tube, Pickup SP1-22
Extinguisher, Fire CP2 1-2
Link, Fusible, Fire 97-160
Extinguisher, Fire 90B
Recharge Kit, Fire Extinguisher 802380
Nozzle Assembly, Fire 8100
Elbow, Pipe To Hose, Fire Fighting 4210000771955
Ax, Pick Head H280
Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic, Fire F AA59227BID
Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic, Fire F ZZ-H-451
Truck, Fire Fighting 6060014
Spanner And Holder Assembly 448
Cylinder Assembly, Foam Valve Act 533918
Body, Roof Turret Selector Valve S7214
Nozzle, Fire Hose 812E9269
Head, Sprinkler, Fire Protection B1
Cap, Suction 114-410167
Nozzle, Fire Hose HN1L

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