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Firefighting Equipment - FSC 4210

Fire Extinguishers; Fire Axes; Fire Rakes; Fire Beaters; Fire Trucks; Fire Hose; Play Pipes; Hose Fittings Having One Or More Fire Hose End Connections; Fire Hose Reels; Fire Fighting Trailers; Fire Hydrants; Sprinkler Heads.
Last Modified: Feb 23, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bar, Water Tank Float Operating 801E7163
Insert, Ground Sweep Nozzle Autom S2865
Foam Bag Assembly 812E1143
Diaphragm Set 20WR11
Pilot Valve 20WR13
Charging Head 2CD6402
Valve, Bypass 5603
Shell Assembly 1838451-872365
Casting, Test S4803-703582-3 1-2
Casting, Test S4803-703582-5
Cylinder Assembly 31697AX
Cylinder Assembly, Actuating, Line A07A24TF2
Valve Assembly, Foam Mixing 559877
Tube Assembly, Fire Extinguishing 540V013-5
Orifice Assembly A54209G1
Tee, Swing Joint 115-222
Truck, Fire Fighting C910
Rear Bearings And Collars 51-50029
Nut Assy, Lock 493130
Tube Assembly, Fire Extinguishing A51E10042-41
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher MBS62028
Sprinkler Head 65744
Sprinkler Head 65743H
Truck, Fire Fighting MIL-T-83235
Truck, Fire Fighting P73M
Truck, Fire Fighting P73MW
Installing Tool, Hea 810-4398573PC8-9
Tip, Nozzle, Fire Hose 181-2.5NST
Cylinder And Valve 30-295-16
Motor, Water 12MG1WA
Pump Assembly, Foam 12PG1FA
Valve And Bracket A 814E1635
Cartridge, Gas Pressure M1LC24224
Extinguisher, Fire MILE24091
Tray Assembly, Battery 534652
Guard, Hose 532427
Applicator, Bayonet S5531
Valve, Recirculating 10PDG38
Adapter, Assembly, Fi 10PDGG38-6PH
Nozzle, Fire Hose SF800
Panel, Rear 532432
Hose Assy, Special 7-026-0046-1
Link, Fusible, Fire TK206C
Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic, Fire F 10917238
Plate, Top K1135
Catwalk, Center Rear 534316
Bayonet Assembly 10-08478
Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic, Fire F 95298
Handle, Carrying 50012
Wire-seal 59058
Bushing, Sealing Disk 50050
Rack, Fire Hose EPF32-19-20R
Nozzle, Spray Bar WD136
Lever, Manual Control 3003203
Nozzle, Fire Hose 51191
Disk Assembly 50115-50116
Handle, Discharge 51181
Horn Assembly, Projector 92572
Hose And Horn Assem 51604
Valve Assembly 61534
Valve, Squeezgrip Co 64170
Screen Assembly, Foam Fulltub 50-06428
Tube Assembly, Fire Extinguishing 65506-09017-015
Cartridge, Compresser 201386
Package 90800784
Package 922339
Package 90922340
Nozzle, Monitor Type, Fire Fightin 922350
Package 926701
Inter Connector 966090
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher 8721549
Valve And Discharge Assembly 35568
Link, Fusible, Fire 100R96-212F
Valve Assembly Reli 8398
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher 4210004430622
Link, Fusible, Fire B3600
Hose Assembly D300N
Hose Assembly D300N
Bracket, Fire Detect 6710570
Discharge Pipe, Fire Extinguisher 50A1821
Retainer, Under Pump M81-8
Truck, Fire Fighting FT500
Foam, Liquid JETXF0AM
Cylinder Head, Pump A5002
Truck, Fire Fighting MILT19233
Nozzle, Fire Hose 114E8233-3
Plate, Friction AF8478
Nozzle, Fire Hose 250A
Container, Fire Exit 893641
Head, Sprinkler, Fire Protection 49-424-1-125
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher 11647528
Head, Sprinkler, Fire Protection MILH19387
Hose Cabinet CBM-20269
Nose, Fire Extinguis WK33723
Horn And Nozzle 5688
Nozzle, Fire Hose MIL-N-24408
Nozzle, Fire Hose 3018 AFFF
Nozzle, Fire Hose SFL SZ1 1-2IN

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