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Firefighting Equipment - FSC 4210

Fire Extinguishers; Fire Axes; Fire Rakes; Fire Beaters; Fire Trucks; Fire Hose; Play Pipes; Hose Fittings Having One Or More Fire Hose End Connections; Fire Hose Reels; Fire Fighting Trailers; Fire Hydrants; Sprinkler Heads.
Last Modified: Mar 03, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Gear Case Assembly 8868-1E2D
Pipe Assembly, Supply EW44767
Adapter, Flanged EW44781
Pipe Assembly, Top EW44780
Gear Assembly, Ring 1-312267
Bracket And Bearing Assembly 312627-3
Motor Assembly, Air 6AM-FRV-5A
Bracket Assembly, Mounting EW36407
Controller, Ratio 300331
Body Assembly, Prop 00034120
Controller, Ratio 300340
Flange Assembly, Discharge Valve EW36876
Pipe Assembly, Water Discharge EW40595
Elbow Assembly, Valve Mounting EW39519
Connector Assembly, Valve Mountin EW36512
Column Assembly, Bumper Turret 3226-1000-5
Base Assembly, Turret 400312
Head, Elevation 400313A
Turret, Bumper, Firetruck 00029340
Inlet Assembly, Fill, Rear EW40505
Receptacle, Foam Fill EU40500
Cover Assembly, Fill Box, Foam Tan EU40520
Flange Assembly, Truck Fire Fight EW37654
Door Assembly, Top EW37754
Shelf Assembly, Lower EU39241
Bracket Assembly, Freon Compresso EW40652
Turret, Bumper, Firetruck EU39290
Door Assembly, Nozzle Compartment EU37053
Extension Assembly, Water Fog SA2550
Coupling, Hose, Fire Fighting WWC00621ATYPEC1
Reducer, Hose, Fire Fighting 13218E0470-42
Tube Assembly, Fire Extinguishing 65506-09014-042
Wheel Brake 51-50080
Cap, Hose 126
Guard, Ax Point 54-08737
Check Assembly, Fire Extinguisher 90800191
Hose Assembly, Handling Discharge 112083A
Pan Assembly, Hose Reel EU37158
Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic, Fire F 54-15123
Nozzle, Fire Extinguisher MILE24269
Siamese Connection, Fire Hose B100-1 1-2X1 1-2X2 1-2
Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic, Fire F AA592363B4.5016
Tube Assembly, Fire Extinguishing 8B695501-1
Pinion Shaft Assembly 811E475
Jacket, Protective, Remote Control S2673
Parts Kit, Fire Extinguisher 1421697
Strainer Spring Assembly 800193
Bushing, Turret Head 801E145
Handle, Remote Control S3068
Hinge Assembly, Servo Control, Low S3632
Reel, Fire Hose, Rh EPF32-19-20RTEH 967
Reel, Fire Hose, Lh EPF32-19-20LTEH 966
Nipple, Flanged EW41191
Parts Kit, Fire Extinguisher 59028
Adapter, Fire Truck EE38059
Adapter, Fire Truck EE37746
Adapter, Fire Truck EE39412
Adapter, Fire Truck EE42209
Truck, Fire Fighting RD501
Housing, Cooler, Compressor 1421813
Truck, Fire Fighting FT750
Truck, Fire Fighting FT750W
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher 10232738
Valve, Fire Extinguisher 11515
Separator, Packing QL58Z
Link, Fusible, Fire NAV0RDDWG2544976
Link Device, Fusible 210131-10001B7
Sensing Device, Heat LD628698
Sensing Device, Heat NAV0RDDWG2544981
Pin Assembly, Safety LR013
Bracket, Ax Handle C EE40183
Handle, Handling Nozzle Actuating 3214-9072-0
Tip, Foam Nozzle 00029820
Rod, Bumper Turret Deflector 3225-9020-0
Lever, Range Selector, Bumper Turr 00039810
Holder, Handle 3215-8028-5
Tube, Bumper Turret Column 00016520
Filtering Disk, Fluid EE40889
Rotor Assembly, Hose Reel Air Mot AD652
Guard, Alternator EE-37735
Bumper Assembly, Front EW37638
Tube Assembly, Fire Extinguishing 65506-03011-046
Valve, Fire Extinguisher 9292460
Tip, Nozzle, Fire Hose 0489-00-0-1-86-001
Bracket, Clamping 42
Bracket And Strap 7357
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher 11644447
Extinguisher, Fire 0-E-915C
Extinguisher, Fire FR2-1-2
End Plate, Hose Reel Air Motor AD651
Bracket Assembly, Troublelight 611104
Door Assembly, Forward Body Compa EU36591
Nozzle Holder 37321-2
Nozzle Assembly, Bayonet 000063-200
Selector, Range, Bumper Turret Noz 3227-2011-0
Screen, Suction 61402
Tube Assembly, Winterization EW40367
Bracket Assembly, Fan 9L5617
Ball, Detent A51600-005
Tie Bar 50196

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