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Firefighting Equipment - FSC 4210

Fire Extinguishers; Fire Axes; Fire Rakes; Fire Beaters; Fire Trucks; Fire Hose; Play Pipes; Hose Fittings Having One Or More Fire Hose End Connections; Fire Hose Reels; Fire Fighting Trailers; Fire Hydrants; Sprinkler Heads.
Last Modified: Feb 28, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Link, Fusible, Fire 169-160/1169160
Collar, Rear T001413139
Handle, Tee 5090
Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic A-A-2132 SZB,LG50FT
Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic 1961
Valve Assembly 05068
Connecting, Flex 501-4675117 ITEM1002
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher 91816-991
Adapter, Fire Exting 263391
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher 877944
Cap, Anti Recoil 844336
Seat, Shutoff 0725-0P-0-0-45- 001
Nozzle, Fire Extinguisher 281858-360-20
Beam Scale Assembly 982505
Ball, Shutoff Nozzle 7-04-029
Control, Remote CH8-1200
Extinguisher, Fire 844691
Guide, Scanning 263150
Tip, Nozzle, Fire Hose 1727-00-8-1-86-001
Bucket, Helicopter S2000
Cap, Anti-recoil, Fire Extinguishe 844579
Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic, Fire F 44-AP6-D
Nozzle, Extinguising 842330
Ratio Control 00034030
Case, Carrying, Level Indicator 7-024-0096
Stem Assembly, Valve 0143AX
Crank And Brake 40-1AG
Nozzle, Fire Hose 2619-1725
Recharger, Fire Exit MODEL #RHA-101-M
Truck, Fire Fighting A/S32P-20
Plate, Fire Extingu 10512732
Ball, Fire Extinguisher 23322
Nozzle, Fire Extingu 404007
Modification Kit, Fire Fighting E 12314333
Detector, Flame 545-6915
Nozzle, Fire Hose 282974-180DEGREE
Extinguisher, Fire 12472912
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher 32820
Cylinder, Range Guard 96400
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher 877791
Tip, Nozzle, Fire Hose 4517-00-71-86-011
Turret, Bumper, Firetruck 01060040
Cradle, Cylinder 10513321
Cable, Engine Fire 10513329
Lever, Manual Control 96870
Remote Control, Manual 97074
Guide, Cable, Fire Extinguisher C904-14
Adapter, Pipe 3903-24-24-37DEGREE
Nozzle Inlet 3220-6080-0
Proportioner Assembly, Fire Fight 3207-6025-5
Nozzle, Fire Hose 4NF300030 3/4IN
Control Box Assembly, Turret 3203-1006-5
Guide, Cable Fire Ex C904-17.5
Cylinder, Time Delay AGF0226
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher AGF0216
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher 12255634
Plate, Retaining Cap 360-0077-010
Wheel Assemble, Adju 5120070002
Housing Ejector 8J8660
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher AGF0224
Stem Assembly, Fire 10512717
Extinguisher-drill, Fire AS83D523-1
Fire Detector 1006790-002
Nozzle, Fire Hose NE87
Valve Stem, Lower Column LR008
Box, Pull 870087
Nozzle, Fire Hose NL2B
Nozzle, Fire Hose G125.328
Extinguisher, Fire 897785-01
Plunger, Roof Turret 3461-00-00-63-001
Fire Extinguisher System Assembl 17578
Drain, Automatic, Fire Sprinkling 8718B
Nozzle, Fire Hose NE31
Roller, Hose Reel 9939.0003
Detector Terminal 15375
Reel, Hose NL20M-200B RHBW
Turbine, Turret-roof 7-72-101
Tail, Shaft SYM764.2
Line, Shaft 5900251-4
Tail, Shaft 5900251-3
Extinguisher, Fire 12302878
Nozzle, Fire Hose NE81
Recharging Unit, Halon 1211 000167SL84
Valve, Control 609817
Tube, Stream Straightner 491
Fin, Stream Straightner 5968
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Hose, Fi 2621-002-03ASSY8
Alarm, Pull Station 5C-125VDC
Tip, Nozzle, Fire Hose ST-191
Truck, Fire Fighting MM840
Sensing Device 300-30144-01
Extinguisher, Aircra 30205000-1
Tip, Nozzle, Fire Hose 7-72-025
Flood Valve, Assembl 897512
Adapter, Loop 263779
Scale, Beam Weighing 261840
Pipe, Ladder 288NH
Fireman's Helmet 660C
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher 877790
Siamese Connection, Fire Hose A-A-2298 TY2CLGST1

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