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Firefighting Equipment - FSC 4210

Fire Extinguishers; Fire Axes; Fire Rakes; Fire Beaters; Fire Trucks; Fire Hose; Play Pipes; Hose Fittings Having One Or More Fire Hose End Connections; Fire Hose Reels; Fire Fighting Trailers; Fire Hydrants; Sprinkler Heads.
Last Modified: Mar 08, 2021

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Bellows, Regulator HC19-12-267
Extinguisher, Fire 892480
Switch And Wire S3561
Bulb Unit Assembly 69500
Bulb Unit Assy, Quar 69502
Cartridge Assembly, Fire Extingui 75332
Bearing, Pinion Shaf 10F15A
Insert Assembly 11-02506
Valve Assembly, Turret Decontrol 10-03459T1
Ball, High Velocity Head 801E7085
Spring Set, Fire Pump Relief Valv 20WR5
Body, Fire Extinguisher Nozzle Va A20-1-63
Housing, Valve Sprin A20-6-51
Tubing, Finned Assembly EW43828
Valve Assembly, Float Check SA2739
Rack, Fire Hose 84250
Coupling, Drain Cock 132E3019
Valve, Float Operati 800E1074
Valve And Nipple Assembly 800E-1586
Valve Assembly, Pump Suction 800E1657
Siamese Connection, Fire Hose 8330006
Sleeve, Adjusting, Packing Gland 048-0040-00
Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic LH520
Support Assembly, Hose S9300H3004588REV1PC960099
Nozzle Assembly 1731
Cover Assembly, Hose Cabinet 1005A
Bracket, Fire Extinguisher AN6046-1
Cable, Valve Control 1-8 7X19
Valve And Nipple Assembly 800E-5385
Nozzle Extension 11-03154
Manifold Assembly S3386T2
Valve Assembly, Decontrol 811E1303
Valve, Hydraulic Decontrol S3459T2
Valve, Fire Extinguisher 10-03709
Valve, Fire Extinguisher S3980
Box Assy, Control C7150-3
Lock, Position 00062920
Head, Roof Turret 3215-3018-0
Valve, Automatic Spr 3924F
Valve, Automatic Spr 4241F
Cap, Discharge 12M8-2 1-2N
Coupling, Swivel 24549-1
Rack, Recharging, E, T 50036-53701-5371H58R70
Swivel, Female HN17PC3
Link, Turret Elevation S5023
Skirt, Ring S4578
Arm, Turret Upper Drive S5070
Cam, Hydraulic Lower Drive S5065
Spacer, Hydraulic Lower Drive Cam S5177
Valve And Remote Co 84200
Clevis Assembly, Turret Handle 10-05222
Pivot, Selector 3222-3007-5
Facing, Drain Valve K1129
Plate, Bottom Cover K1137
Truck, Fire Fighting MILT83303
Head, Sprinkler, Fire Protection 1-1/2H-30
Valve Assembly, Priming 8683-E1
Guard Assembly, Cartridge 11194
Guard Assembly, Cartridge 6971
Cylinder, Jacking, Automatic Sprin S4824H3124342
Cylinder, Jacking, Automatic Sprin 3581F
Cylinder, Jacking, Automatic Sprin 2844F
Cylinder, Jacking, Automatic Sprin P-354
Cylinder, Jacking, Automatic Sprin 2913F
Cylinder, Jacking, Automatic Sprin 2846F
Cylinder, Jacking, Automatic Sprin 2847F
Cylinder, Jacking, Automatic Sprin 2849F
Cap 962309
Head, Discharge 50150
Hose And Horn Assembly HH1566
Diskandplungerassem 90923123
Pin, Locking 28X792
Adapter, Straight, Pipe To Hose, Fi MIL-F-19488
Repair Kit, Foam Tank 2SK79
Truck, Fire Fighting M0DEL46
Coupling Assembly, Hose, Fire Figh 364117PC23T025
Reducer, Hose, Fire Fighting 375710PC76
Reducer, Hose, Fire Fighting 375710PC80
Reducer, Hose, Fire Fighting S5501-756618
Reducer, Hose, Fire Fighting 375710PC84
Syphon Tube 203189
Head Assembly 977623
Screen, Suction Pipe 40-50053
Reducer, Hose, Fire Fighting S2908-607264PC18T019
Reducer, Hose, Fire Fighting S2908-607264PC16T017
Proportioner, Foam Liquid, Injecti 3124610
Hammer, Fire Signal Pull Box 41535
Head, Sprinkler, Fire Protection 810-1385835SH1T03PC26-28
Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic, Fire F MIL-H-16236
Hose Assembly, Nonmetallic, Fire F MILH16236
Parts Kit, Nozzle Applicator S9300-461054PC25T0-31-33-34
Tip, Nozzle, Fire Hose 803-5959223ASSY99
Applicator, Nozzle 810-1385835 SHEET 2
Tip, Nozzle, Fire Hose 810-1385834PC17-18-20-36-37
Tip Assembly, Nozzle 810-1385835PC17-18-20-32-33
Pull Box S9300H3105802
Bracket Assembly, Heat Shield Mou EU47603
Nozzle, Fire Hose WD120
Stem, Check Valve 192F126
Plate, Check Valve 556188KFF

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