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Marine Lifesaving And Diving Equipment - FSC 4220

Diving And Salvage Apparatus, Including Pressurized Divers' Suits; Rescue Nets, Buoyant; Inflatable Life Vests; Life Rafts.
Last Modified: Sep 24, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Diving Equipment Set 7132179-10
Inflation Assembly, Life Jacket MIL-I-23145B
Cartridge, Compressed Gas J6287-2-4T08
Case, Life Raft 62A82H601-1
Case, Life Raft MIL-C-85361TYPEI
Cover, Raft 36D1258-1
Lanyard Assembly MILI23145
Band, Clamp Assembly 10109
Stem 0525-21
Retainer, Spring 2283
Retainer, By-pass Pu 55392
Clamp Assembly 300-403 ITEM 17
Bit, Mouthpiece, Breathing Apparat 300-403P13
Retainer, Mouthpiece 300-403-14
Equipment Container 36H1257-1
Life Preserver Accessory Kit 468
Gage, Depth, Diver's 3106-00
Tank, Divers, Pressure, Single 0635AND0828-00
Face Gasket, Divers 26069
Container Assembly, Life Vest 346208
Adapter, Pull Test 9141
Life Preserver, Yoke 11266
Life Raft, Inflatable 63A94H1-2
Hook, Strap, Harness FD1498
Cylinder Assembly, Air, Diving Equ 0765-80
Life Raft, Inflatable 62A82H1
Life Preserver, Underarm MILL26559
Container, Cell 58J3590-1L
Container, Cell 58J3590-1R
Parts Kit, Valve 88016-53
Block, Spring 1000-23
Escape Appliance Assembly MILE23155
Cap 1010-12
Cable Remote Actuator A128RT28
Life Raft, Inflatable 62A82H2
Life Preserver, Underarm LPU-5/P
Orifice Assembly 58338-00NM
Cover, Life Jacket 803-969942
Shepherds Crook, Res 612153
Band Assembly, Diver's Tank 63D43904
Cylinder, Air, Diving Equipment 63D44244
Case, Emergency Equipment, Life Ra 32D1250-2
Vent Assembly 32D1250-4
Cover, Valve A128-9B
Cylinder And Valve Assembly 55C3689-4
Valve Assembly, Poppet A128
Cylinder, Gas, Life Raft 22C17343-1
Mask, Scuba 6021
Ballast Bag Assembly 67A318H2
Parts Kit, Life Preserver 105AS100-6
Floor Assembly 62A96E3-1
Floor Assembly, Life Raft 62A96E3-2
Case Assembly, Life Raft 7170003
Case, Life Raft 7170002
Pouch, Life Preserver 68A9405-1
Container, Life Preserver 68A94D11-1
Life Raft, Inflatable LR1
Pouch Assembly, Flare 68A73D3-1
Case, Life Raft 68A77H1-1
Mask, Diver's 59069C
Fishing Kit, Emergency FK-3E85
Cylinder And Valve 63A120H1-15
Manifold Assembly, Inlet B-79WITHB-79-3R
Diver's Hood 3514-10
Local Actuator Assy 63A120H1-32
Valve Assy 3208
Inflator Assembly 608-2274038
Lanyard Assembly, Life Raft 23C23588-2
Container, Life Raft Accessory 62A96D8-101
Bag, Diving Equipment 62A82D7-101
Cover, Life Raft CL214D2-2
Cover, Life Raft CL214D2-1
Repair Kit, Valve GP504S0049
Housing, Pull Cable, Inflatable Li 167C200-1
Regulator, Single Ho 1038
Filler And Gauge As 7007
Knife, Diver's 4226-00
Life Preserver, Vest MIL-L-18045
Life Preserver, Vest
Cover Assembly, Container RP755-47
Container, Lifeboat, 0902-028-7010
Wrench, Special 0902-028-8010FIG3
Container, Equipment 5RA1056-48
Life Preserver, Yoke 68A73H1-11
Valve, Pneumatic Inflator 3208
Flag, Divers 7231-04
Hoseassembly, Lifebo FA6693EGG0061
Hose Assembly Landi FA28699GGF0140
Pivot Assembly, Forward 23C23676-1
Pivot Assembly, Aft 23C23675-1
Body, Valve, Breathing Apparatus C3000-61
Valve, Diving Mask 3901-42
Life Raft, Inflatable MILR5773
Underwear, Diver's Dry Suit 7560S
Underwear, Diver's Dry Suit 7560MEDIUM
Underwear, Diver's Dry Suit 7560L
Underwear, Diver's Dry Suit 7560XL
Life Raft, Inflatable MA-1
Gauge, Sea Divers PG51B-304
Trousers, Divers' S9400-860324

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