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Marine Lifesaving And Diving Equipment - FSC 4220

Diving And Salvage Apparatus, Including Pressurized Divers' Suits; Rescue Nets, Buoyant; Inflatable Life Vests; Life Rafts.
Last Modified: Jul 06, 2020

NSN Part Description Part Number (MPN) Request Quote
Cover Assembly, Cylinder 63A80H8-2
Lug, Lower 592-4758541 FIND 6
Installation Tool, Wedge 592-4759148
Insert, Threaded 592-4758500 FIND 50
Diffuser, Air Supply 592-4758604
Installation Tool, Support Tube 592-4759147
Viewpoint Retainer, Top, Diving Un 592-4758500 FIND 21
Communication Cable Assembly, Div 12332-7
Box Top, Regulator, Breathing Appa 1070-01
Viewport, Side, Diving Unit 592-4758509
Circuit Card Assemb 30C251G1
Insert, Friction Drag, Diving Unit 592-4758554
Lens Clip, Right Diving Unit 592-4759058
Pulling Tool, Female, Diving Unit 592-4759144
Lens, Diver's Helmet 592-4758503
Shell, Diveres Helmet 592-4758501
Adapter, Gas, Diver's Helmet 592-4758622
Cap, Mixed Gas Adapter 592-4758626
Tank, Diver's 0757-80
Filter, Perforated Metal 592-4758843
Viewport Retainer, Front, Diving U 592-4758500 FIND 11
Microphone, Mount, Diving Unit 592-4758521
Jocking Harness Bracket, Diving U 592-4758546
Chin Button, Poppet MIL-P-20689
Tool, Pulling, Male, Diving Unit 592-4759145
Retainer, Valve, Exhaust 592-4758561
Weight, Calf 592-4758707
Cover, Valve 592-4758573
Cushion, Container Diving Unit 592-4759219
Mittens, Divers MIL-M-87029 SZ 3
Liner, Helmet, Diving 4758523
Cover Assembly, Valv 592-4758552-0
Lifeline, Glass Reinforced 80-48-256 9/16IN NAVY LIFELINE
Regulator, Breathing Gas Pressure GHZ1XTXM
Disk, Plastic 87625-0304 ITEM 14
Pump Vacuum Assembly, Diving Unit 592-4759209
Cable, Communication 592-4758631
Coveralls, Divers MIL-C-87032 SZ 2
Lower Breech Ring Assembly 592-4758541
Diffuser, Air Supply 592-4758602-0
Life Raft, Inflatable 67A318D1-3
Poppet Valve Assembly 592-4758564
Life Preserver, Yoke LPU-23B/P
Lens, Shield, Welding 592-4759033-2
Insert, Pin 5606
Depth And Pressure 04-1835
Harness Assembly, Diving 400-305G1
Diffuser, Exhaust Va 592-4758562
Umbilical Assembly, Divers 400 Ft 4759110
Gloves, Divers' MIL-M-87029
Cover, Box, Survival Kit 204-40728-1
Viewport, Top, Helmet 592-4758506
Cylinder, Air, Diving Equipment AL0050
Diving Equipment Se KT-3490-1
Helmet, Deep-sea Diver's 9900-00 MK 12 SSDS
Float, Torpedo Rescu 371
Jacket, Buoyancy Aid 1661
Coveralls, Divers MIL-C-87032 SZ 4
Strap, Mask 24-207-102
Clip Ring, Diving System 592-4759120
Screen, Mesh 10713
Blower Housing 12283
Scrubber Blower Whe 10726
Ring, Inlet 10740
Screen Cover 10669
Coveralls, Divers MIL-C-87032
Head Strap RM6709
Inhalator, Diver's T12700
Eye RM6758
Lifter R21519
Key Assmembly Tool R21767
Tool Kit T11816
Disc T12424
Diaphragm T12566
Valve 4043125
Cap, Protective T6354
Adapter 4054105
Test Assembly, Press 4059115
Mounting Device, Pro R28092
Band, Diver's Mask 3901-32
Cover, Main Exhaust 3901-30
Retainer Lens Helme 3901-18
Mask, Diver's SPM-1AGA
Diver's Dress 35004002SR
Diver's Dress 35004002MR
Diver's Dress 35004002MT
Diver's Dress D6426/5
Diver's Dress 35004002LT
Diver's Dress 35004002XLR
Diver's Dress 35004002XLT
Diver's Dress 3500400ST
Bracket Ring Buoy Storage WC7031
Electronic Package Assembly 1613-025-01
Regulator, Breathing Gas Pressure 1625635-4
Drawstring Neck Dam DE045
Sea Water Activated Release Syst 852AS100
Deflector, Muffler 3901-14
Snap Tab DE051
Yoke, Urethane DP5543

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